Actress Spotlight: Emily Goss

Revering Emily Goss as an ingénue is definitive what with her likeable disposition being thoroughly crush worthy. This week, she’s guest-starring as method actor Naomi Fox on “Castle” in the Shakespearean themed episode “Much Ado About Murder”. Evidently beguiling in her scenes as Naomi opposite Nathan Fillion’s Richard Castle, even being so deep-seated in character while under interrogation thus injecting spot-on banter. With her having … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Emily Goss

Indie Sweethearts To Love @ North Hollywood CineFest 2016

Aynsley Bubbico in “Evol: The Theory of Love” – It should be no secret that the comely Aynsley, star of TV shows such as “Hart Of Dixie” and “Greek” is an eternal enchanter on this blog. She is the living embodiment of Miss Sweetness and her bubbly persona is without question a magnet for fandom. – Stories about passion seems to have a fascinating sway … Continue reading Indie Sweethearts To Love @ North Hollywood CineFest 2016