Indie Darling: Rebecca Fraiser

If ever there was a sizzling cutie to admire right now, it would be the exquisite Rebecca Fraiser. She stars in “Drifter” as Sasha who in spite of her innocence is actually a bloodthirsty cannibal. In fact her whole family are and as they encounter a pair of outlaw brothers on the desolate wasteland, their cravings for human meat does mean they’re rather menacing. Let’s … Continue reading Indie Darling: Rebecca Fraiser

Sizzling Cutie: Mary Elaine Ramsey

The captivators of our world are giving plenty of reasons to tune in to the small screen and Mary Elaine Ramsey is a genial beauty indeed. She’s guest starring in renowned funnyman Aziz Ansari’s new series “Master Of None” who plays a man navigating the uncertain waters of New York City. With it premiere on Netflix, this is another platform to discover new talents such … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Mary Elaine Ramsey