Rising Starlet: Olivia Dudley

OLIVIA DUDLEY is an up and coming talent with a fascinating essence we’ll be hearing a lot about in the coming months. On top of her appearance in the “Wadzilla” segment of horror anthology Chillerama premiering at FrightFest UK, she’s in the star-studded baseball biopic “Moneyball” about radical GM Billy Beane played by Brad Pitt. OLIVIA is essaying the younger version of Robin Wright’s character, … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Olivia Dudley

Hot Actress #448 – Emily Wickersham: Rising Starlet

Do you remember how the car alighted in flames after some heavy petting and kissing courtesy of EMILY WICKERSHAM’s character Rhiannon Flammer in “THE SOPRANOS”? That scene was so hot, the car literally burned and in 2011, she’s all set to repeat that sizzling act! What better than to have 3 foxy blondes in a sci-fi romance amidst the intergalactic war between Loriens and Mogodorians. … Continue reading Hot Actress #448 – Emily Wickersham: Rising Starlet