Sizzling Cutie: Chelsea Hayes

The most genial actresses are dazzling up TV land and this week, the gorgeous Chelsea Hayes gives us plenty of reasons to be elated. She has a recurring role as Liz in “Complications”, the love interest of a dynamic doctor and their intricate relationship is reflective of the drama that unfolds in the show. Here’s Chelsea telling us more about her role on “Complications” as … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Chelsea Hayes

Indie Princess: Maggie Wagner

Stage and Film actress Maggie Wagner has the appealing persona that’s just charismatic which we all can identify with and leads us to show an appreciation for her. She brings a little of herself into the characters she’s essayed over the years, giving us a genuine take that’s personal yet captivating. She’s making an impression on the indie scene in roles encompassing several genres and … Continue reading Indie Princess: Maggie Wagner