Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 16 Nov 2015


Tonantzin Carmelo in “Z-Nation” & “Entertainment”


– In this week’s episode of Z-Nation, the bewitching Tonantzin Carmelo is a scene stealer as Kuruk, the “Medicine Woman” who is rather gifted in the art of pain management.
– It’s awesome to see diversity getting a run on TV at last with the introduction of Native American characters who are kicking Zombie Ass and having meaty roles such as the shrewd healer that Tonantzin enigmatically essays.
– To make our viewing pleasure doubly wonderful, Tonantzin can be seen in “Entertainment”, the surreal drama which has just been released online and she’s totally luscious in it.

Aurora Papile in “Panic 5 Bravo” and “A La Mala”

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– More than ever, we should endorse Aurora Papile as a rising starlet especially since she’s making her inviting versatility felt in an array of noteworthy films.
– She’s been praised as the hidden gem of the action thriller “Panic 5 Bravo” as the feisty paramedic Bobby who has a mysterious edge as she and her team battle for their lives against a dangerous Mexican drug cartel.
– Following on from her impressive performance in the inter-racial love story “Pulling Strings”, Aurora returns to captivate yet again as Kika, the bubbly roomie of aspiring actress Mala in the Mexican romantic comedy “A La Mala”

Allira Jaques in “Charlie’s Farm”

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– “Charlie’s Farm” is regarded as one of the Best Slasher Films to emerge from Australia and why not when the comely Allira Jaques is one of the enthralling leads. She plays Melanie, one of four friends exploring the urban legend of a psychotic killer.
– Director Chris Sun himself anointed her as being Australia’s Next Scream Queen and it’s her natural charms as a performer that will make her very much desired.
– Having won multiple awards for her absorbing performance in the dark tale “Daddy’s Little Girl”, she certainly has all the goods to be a future star.

Rosie Fellner in “Heist”


– When there’s a gorgeous lady in the shape of British actress Rosie Fellner leaving us enchanted in the action thriller “Heist”, it’s a given to wax lyrical about her.
– Rosie stars as Julie, the wife of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character Vaughn who are facing a family crisis as their daughter’s needs urgent medical treatment. He partners up with Cox (Dave Bautista) to rob a casino which doesn’t bode well for either of them.
– Having worked with immaculate personalities such as Robert De Niro, Steve Coogan, Cara Delevingne as well as Kate Beckinsale, she too has become a screen enchanter.

Canadian Vixen: Marianne Farley


The appeal of Canadian actresses are on a high this week and the fascinating Marianne Farley is fuelling the devotion towards specifically the bevy of French-Canadian enchanters. She can be seen on “Heroes Reborn” this week as Julie, a volunteer who appears to lend Noah Bennet a hand in the aftermath of the terrorist attack a year earlier. Marianne has an enigmatic disposition with her lustrous, pale skin accentuated so gorgeously on screen, leaving us enamoured. It’s no wonder she gain fame internationally for her role as the anaemic Claire Lefrançois in the riveting thriller “White Skin”. She was enthralling throughout as the sensual vampire who comes into the life of our unsuspecting hero Henri and proceeds to turn it upside down in horrific fashion. I can recall “White Skin” gaining quite the buzz even in Asia and it’s time viewers re-connect with the bewitchery that’s Marianne is blessed with.

If you need any more proof that Canada’s finest are indeed are ruling both the big and small screen this week, just gaze longingly at the supremely accomplished Marianne Farley. She’s slated to guest star on the upcoming series “The Art of More” alongside Dennis Quaid and Kate Bosworth. With its premise of exposing the seedy underbelly of premium auction houses that’s filled with denizens of the dark as well as collectors of the beautiful and the bizarre, viewers can expect Marianne to be on the side of lusciousness. Or she could well thread the darkest psyche in her guise as Diane Rohmer. We can soon find out when “The Art Of More” the Nov 19 premiere happens on Sony’s free streaming entertainment service Crackle. Quebec born Marianne also has the added advantage of being conversant in both French and English which landed her numerous meaty roles on TV. She’s also starring in the family drama “This Life” alongside an immaculate cast namely Torri Higginson and Lauren Lee Smith. Playing Nicole Breen, Marianne shows her gentler side this time around. The very inviting Marianne is on course to be our perpetual infatuation.

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