Sedona Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Indie Princess Shalaina Castle

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With the inviting features that belong on a Most Beautiful People List, Shalaina Castle is truly an appealing sight to behold. Strikingly exquisite on both print and screen, it’s time everyone get in touch with her attractiveness. She is one of the stars of the fascinating short film “Adonis” which will be shown at this year’s Sedona Film Festival. To reiterate the point that film-maker David Dibble has given praises to his gorgeous female cast, Shalaina is as stunning as her castmates Velinda Godfrey and Murisa Harba whom both I’ve blogged about beforehand. One has to appreciate her female form which as seen in the saucy photo (above) has such sublime elements and indicative of Shalaina’s passion for creating art in many forms, for instance her work as a model. Having stumbled upon a description of herself that says ‘Gleefully mischievous, it does pique our interest even more to discover her many wonders. Just like in “Adonis”, don’t we all aspire to be a chick magnet to reel in the lovely Shalaina. Or it should be the other way round as Shalaina’s ravishing eyes are reeling us in…:) The Adonis Behind The Scenes Montage reel (above) does reveal her incredible beauty.

Her acting journey has seen her rubbed shoulders with some notable Hollywood talent, including Rip Torn, Jennifer Esposito, and Naveen Andrews of “Lost.” She’s also waded into indie horror namely in features such as “Delirium” and “The Maze”. Shalaina is the ideal combo of sunny and sultriness so expect her to be dazzling the industry this year and beyond.

Rising Starlet: Tali Custer

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2013 has truly been the year of the sweethearts and TALI CUSTER is set to move hearts with her serene sensuality. In “Heaven Is Now”, she plays Penny, the object of affection of Mira and their relationship brings about a tale of trippy proportions. The deviant Penny’s love for Mira sparks a journey of outlandish discovery much like how often passion between two people result in fireworks, even more so when it’s between two women! The title is more than spot on as there’s a bevy of heavenly women in this dream-like romantic drama with the beguiling Tali in the lead role. I can’t wait to feature cuties such as Dasha Kittredge, Sarah Seeds and Audrey Lorea who is the director/writer of this surreal film. There’s been talk of actresses who are not true lesbians portraying a sapphic romance, case in point being “Blue Is the Warmest Color” but in “Heaven Is Now”, TALI is able to push boundaries competently.

On IMDB, she’s in the list that’s so appropriately named World’s Cutest Smiles and her vibrant persona is instantaneously admirable. The TALI CUSTER OFFICIAL SITE should be your next stop to learn more about her. Her recent run of quirky roles is something to really look forward to. She’s already part of “The Verge”, an exciting new web series that would surely garner her ardent eyeballs. Just found out that TALI means dew from heaven and that just means be ready to fall in love with this invitingly, talented gal.