Actress Spotlight: Natalie Britton

actress natalie britton fuller house

The effervescent Natalie Britton is set to entice a new generation of viewers as she’s on a sparkling run on television in the coming months. She appears in the third episode of the 2nd Season of “Fuller House” premiering on Netflix this week. Just like leading ladies Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin, the guest-stars such as the saccharine sweet Natalie will prove to be just as comely. We do need our ravishing redheads to add glimmer to the small screen and the Dublin-born Natalie is primed for adoration. She’s playing Colleen McShaughnessey which has to be a nod to her Irish heritage and having been impressive in the comedy genre, we’ll be keeping our ardent eyes for her come Friday, 9th Dec. Having already appeared on “NCIS: Los Angeles” previously, Natalie is appearing on 2 new potential hit shows in 2017 namely “Doubt” and “Girlboss”. “Doubt” is a legal thriller with twists and turns as a defense lawyer played by Katherine Heigl falls in love with a client who might just be a murderer. “Girlboss” is a comedy series that sees Britt Robinson as a broke misfit turned savvy businesswoman who finds being the boss has its complications.

actress natalie britton cute

Certainly we know Katherine and Britt are in-demand actresses but with Natalie being seen in such high-profile shows, attention is likely to be lavished on her too. Early this year, she proved her worth as a romantic leading lady in the light hearted and fun “Flatbush Luck”. Being one of the most inviting faces in the industry, stardom beckons for the lovely Natalie Britton.

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Indie Darling: Johanna Rae

actress johanna rae lilitu

One of the foxiest actresses of the indie world, the delectable Johanna Rae is enticing this generation of viewers with her potent sex appeal. She stars in “Lilitu” which screens at this weekend’s RIP Horror Film Festival. As Jamie, she’s a woman who experiences spells of astral projection that unfortunately causes her to come into contact with the demonic entity known as Lilitu. Lilitu is thought to be a female demon in Mesopotamian religion and she’s a terrifying creature indeed! Lilitu won the audience choice award at the HOLLYSHORTS film festival this year with many calling it exceptionally suspenseful. Johanna remarkably immersed herself in the emotional arc of a woman on the periphery of fear.

actress johanna rae all through the house

Of Native American, Irish and French descent, Johanna has the captivating looks that could bewitch many of us. She recently starred in the Christmas themed horror flick “All Through The House” and had a very sensual scene, showing glimpses of her gorgeous, toned body as well as her flawless derriere. She does make for a very desirable Scream Queen. In “All Through The House”, she’s worked alongside leading lady Ashley Mary Nunes and Jessica Cameron who are both prominent in horror.

actress johanna rae the condo

While she’s having an impressive run in the horror, Johanna is also making headway in several other genres. Her upcoming film “The Dead Site” threads the sci-fi landscape while the romantic comedy “The Condo” will see her spicing things up as Tiffany, the pretty barber shop pole dancer who can spell trouble for any man. As you can see from her hot pic (above), Johanna is set to be a screen temptation.