Actress Spotlight: Natalie Britton

The effervescent Natalie Britton is set to entice a new generation of viewers as she’s on a sparkling run on television in the coming months. She appears in the third episode of the 2nd Season of “Fuller House” premiering on Netflix this week. Just like leading ladies Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin, the guest-stars such as the saccharine sweet Natalie will prove to be … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Natalie Britton

Indie Darling: Johanna Rae

One of the foxiest actresses of the indie world, the delectable Johanna Rae is enticing this generation of viewers with her potent sex appeal. She stars in “Lilitu” which screens at this weekend’s RIP Horror Film Festival. As Jamie, she’s a woman who experiences spells of astral projection that unfortunately causes her to come into contact with the demonic entity known as Lilitu. Lilitu is … Continue reading Indie Darling: Johanna Rae