Sizzling Cutie: Amy De Bhrún

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The vivacious and enchanting Amy De Bhrún has that aura of innocence that’s made for passionate swooning. Dublin-born actresses have a special place in my heart and I’ve had a passion for them since catching sight of Eva Birthistle in one of all time favorite romantic drama “Ae Fond Kiss…”. Amy likewise could very well be lauded for her dramatic flair in her heart-wrenching short film “After”. All beat up and bruised, she plays a woman who goes through a traumatic event that will ultimately cause friction with her new found boyfriend. If you’re at the La Femme Film Festival, “After” is having its screening at this celebration of female talents around the world.

Such is the nature of the numerous film festivals happening this week, I couldn’t slot in an interview with Amy but it’s a moment in time to look forward to…:) If you’re the viewer who harbors a love for actresses such as Sara Paxton, Amy is one of the talents who is just as luminous from every angle. On television, her dazzling veneer has already lit up hit shows such as “Vikings” and the popular British series “Casualty”. She’s also appeared alongside Imogen Poots and Hayley Atwell in “Jimi: All Is by My Side” which tells of the move of Jimi Hendrix from New York City for London where his career really took of! Talking about careers, on stage, Amy had sell out performances in Dublin where she delighted audiences with her rapier wit. We know beauty and being funny are a most delectable combo so start falling in love with Amy De Bhrún, the lovable Irish Rose.

Sizzling Cutie: Natalie Britton

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Vivacious and evidently a charmer, Natalie Britton has the makings of a future star. This Dublin-born sweetheart could soon make hearts grow fonder with her as the romantic lead in her short film “Love Sick” screening at the WILLiFest 2014. There’s plenty that lovey-dovey couples and singles who dream of having that special someone will adore about “Love Sick”. Best of all, Natalie is playing Liz, the love interest who also happens to be Irish (great that she keeps her accent throughout). But as we know love is complicated and there will be roadblocks ahead having already been disillusioned by the dating game. Will there be a happy ending for her at last?

With reviews appreciative of her comely and magnetic nature onscreen, she is indeed an exciting prospect to follow. She does have the attractive qualities to be a romantic leading lady in even more features. Natalie has also guest-starred on the hit show NCIS: Los Angeles alongside Chris O’Donnell. With her mesmerizing and soulful blue eyes, she’s bound for the desirable list as she continues to be a captivating influence on viewers.

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