Sexy Siren: Judith Benezra

At ITVfest 2011, you’ll be able to watch JUDITH BENEZRA in the very first episode of the increasingly popular web series “DeVanity”…and why shouldn’t we when she’s 5 feet 10 inches of pure enchantment. As the crafty Kitty Crane, she directs tough questions at protagonist Jason DeVanity, cleverly trying to dig up dirt in the process. One can see how she relishes embodying a character … Continue reading Sexy Siren: Judith Benezra

Hot Web Vixens Of Summer 2011

ANGELA LANDIS in “Keeping Up With The Kartrashians” With two of her features being Official Selections at the upcoming ITVfest 2011, Angela Landis is well on her way to success on the indie front. Her hilariously racy Kardashian family parody “Keeping Up With The Kartrashians” is all the flash just without cash and incredibly Angela plays all 3 Kartrashian Sisters. It’s blonde bimbotic fun with … Continue reading Hot Web Vixens Of Summer 2011