Tirra Dent

These next few weeks will be a boon for avid TV viewers with the advent of a bevy of beguiling women and Tirra Dent makes a bewitching impression on “Supernatural”. She guest stars as Catriona Louglin who is a powerful witch whom the Winchester Brothers seek to hopefully reverse a memory erasing spell burdened on poor Dean. Her character goes toe-to-toe with Ruth Cornell’s Rowena … Continue reading Tirra Dent

Actress Spotlight: Crystal Allen

Appreciating the Vixens of our World is always a privilege and the gorgeous Crystal Allen sizzles up the small screen this week on “Supernatural”. She’s guest-starring as Roseleen, a groupie who has the hots for rock star Vince Vincente (Rick Springfield). He has been possessed by Lucifer and harbours the desire to go on a wanton killing spree. In order to show her devotion, Roseleen … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Crystal Allen