Hotties On Film, DVD and TV – 29 August 2015

1. Allie McCulloch in “Under The Dome” – Viewers can catch the endearing Allie in the hit sci-fi series “Under The Dome” and she might just shake things up in the already tense atmosphere at Chester’s Mill. – Here’s Allie describing more about her recurring role: I play Dr. Dava Bloom. I work with the head of Aktaion – hector Martin (played by Eriq La … Continue reading Hotties On Film, DVD and TV – 29 August 2015

Indie Princess: Halley Feiffer

HALLEY FEIFFER has already established herself as a captivating starlet and continues to astound viewers with a series of riveting performances. I’m honored and lucky to be able to watch her on film and reading of her interest to be featured on the Actress Obsession Blog is truly special indeed. The posts I’ve written from the first day is a testament to the influence of … Continue reading Indie Princess: Halley Feiffer