Exclusive Interview With Canadian Vixen Melinda Michael

With her distinctive allure, Melinda Michael is a burgeoning enchanter from Canada whose star is shining with every screen endeavour. She’s appearing in the final Season of “Hemlock Grove” on Netflix and Melinda’s stunning looks is adding to the infatuation many of us already have with Canadian actresses. She has also caught the world’s attention having sat alongside Oscar Winner Julianne Moore at this year’s … Continue reading Exclusive Interview With Canadian Vixen Melinda Michael

Rising Starlet: Sophie Curtis

The rise and rise of indie actresses is firmly in the ascendancy with blossoming actress Sophie Curtis soon to be an undeniable jewel in the eyes of many. This generation has never had it this good with Sophie joining the likes of Haley Lu Richardson (“The Last Survivors”) in giving us plenty to be intrigued about especially in the dramatic thriller genre. She recently starred … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Sophie Curtis