Foxy Femme: Marci Hopkins

With her radiant smile, there’s going to be lot of adoring glances coming the way of actress Marci Hopkins. This week, audiences will get to see this brown-eyed beauty in the horror flick “Abandoned In The Dark” which is filled with suspense and fronted by horror legend Kane Hodder a.k.a Jason Vorhees. Here’s Marci telling us why everyone should keep their eyes fixated on her: … Continue reading Foxy Femme: Marci Hopkins

Aussie Vixen: Allira Jaques

Oh how we adore our indie darlings and Allira Jaques is a gorgeous up and coming Australian actress on the cusp of admirable attention. She is one of the gems in “Daddy’s Little Girl” which has now just been released in Australia and the Oz, a DVD release in Aust, and a VOD release in the US. Allira plays Stacey, Georgia’s mother in the film … Continue reading Aussie Vixen: Allira Jaques