Rebekah Graf

With this being a perpetually enthralling week on television, actress Rebekah Graf personifies divine temptation in riches this week. She guest-stars on “Hawaii Five-O” as Vanessa Lancey, a saucy hustler who runs a scheme whereby lonely guys are scammed into learning “The Method” to pick up girls. All is dandy until a disgruntled victim seeks Vanessa and her partner Blake Stone, the pick up mentor. … Continue reading Rebekah Graf

Rising Starlet: Hannah Leder

Hannah Leder is part of the generation of actresses with the lissome comeliness that’s about to take the world by storm. You may have seen Caitlin FitzGerald (from Mad Men), Grace Grummer (American Horror Story), et al. who like Hannah possess such gentility that’s going to be pervasively amorous in this lifetime. Catch her in the new series “Bad Judge” as Hannah Jamm, a waitress … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Hannah Leder