Rising Starlet: Angeline Appel

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Kissable and vivacious Angeline Appel could soon be on her way to garnering a period of prominence. We ourselves are sometimes lucky to go through life and be in touch with future stars such as Angeline seeing how she’s one of the leading ladies in “Babysitter’s Black Book”. This fascinating drama on Lifetime is about girls who start up a babysitting business only to fall into prostitution after running into financial problems. Already a screen sweetheart, Angeline will definitely turn you on as Rachel Foster, the hot high school babe with the craving for cash. The transformation of the teens from being babysitters to becoming the core of a prostitution circle cuts close to real life as per recent cases and is going to be the big draw of “Babysitter’s Black Book”. As the sexy and cavalier Rachel, she’s seen as the ringleader who in a way influences the girls down an undesirable path.

I saw a review on IMDB commenting on how Angeline is highly arousing in the film, a worthy compliment indeed which can be applied to her fellow castmates (Spencer Locke, Steffani Brass and Lauren York). Avril Lavigne also adds more star power with her seriously addictive song “Give You What You Like” (check out her music video above). Likewise watching Angeline’s enticing performance makes you crave for the upcoming projects that she will be part of. Just like her tumbler: http://broadwaybarbie.tumblr.com/ reveals, Angeline has big dreams and it looks like she’s destined to be very much in demand.

Rising Starlet: Emily Tremaine


One look is all it takes to know Emily Tremaine is a vision of ravishing appeal and she’s truly immaculate on camera. It’s time to pay tribute to yet another ingénue who has the aura of a future star. I’ve also just discovered on IMDB that there is a list of actresses with eye-catching lips and Emily is very much a part of these much fancied kissable cuties. For those with “The BlackList” withdrawal symptoms, refresh your memories as Emily did guest-star as Audrey Bidwell, the former fiance of FBI agent Donald Ressler. She has certainly make her presence felt on television with roles on “The Big C” as well as “Person of Interest”. Add to that her captivating appearances in features with James Franco, Neil Patrick Harris and Leonardo DiCaprio of “The Wolf Of Wall Street” fame. She is flying the flag for sexy redheads but there’s no doubt Emily can effortlessly captivate as a brunette or a blonde.

The soon to be Martin Scorsese masterpiece tentatively known as “Untitled HBO/Rock ‘N’ Roll Project” should keep Emily firmly in our hearts as she will be starring alongside fellow hotties Olivia Wilde and Juno Temple. Set in the late 70s, expect this to bring some fond memories for many as well as being a colorfully entertaining film. Her choice of future roles are likewise some of the more stirringly quirky which should propel her to indie darling status. The dawn of screen sweethearts is upon us and with the luscious Emily Tremaine at the forefront, there’s no better time than now to fawn over her.