Rising Starlet: Anna Hopkins


It’s no surprise that Canadian actresses are undeniably the object of our affection especially when cutie Anna Hopkins is now illuminating our TV screens. Certain to garner affection from sci-fi fans thanks to her role as Jessica “Berlin” Rainer in “Defiance”, she could be the breakout star praised by the lips of many people. Speaking of lips, Anna is blessed with a ravishing and kissable one, likely to evoke a strong attraction. In “Defiance”, she’s got the feisty action heroine locked in, tackling a woman who has always known the military life. Not only a trained fighter, her character Berlin has experienced the horrors of war yet she keeps her vulnerability well hidden under her battle-hardened exterior. Anna is captivating in this fearless persona and let’s hope we get to experience more of her in upcoming seasons.

Anna has also graced several hit shows namely “Lost Girl”, “Arrow” and “The Flash” proving that women do rule on television. On top of her TV gigs, she’s slated to star in “After The Ball”, a fairytale where she’s the sister of fellow co-star Natalie Krill who has been featured on this blog numerous times. Now there’s a swoon worthy duo indeed! She’s also did her very first French-speaking role in “Les MaĆ®tres du Suspense” and like “After The Ball”, it’s a film which will see Anna tickle us pink. Be it as a sci-fi vixen or a comedy queen, she’s an adorable mesmerizer. It won’t be long before Anna finds herself being touted as Canada’s newest screen sweetheart and that would be an accolade richly deserved.

Hotties on Film, TV and DVD – 5 June 2015


1. Courtney Hope in “Bones”

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– Courtney amps up her sex appeal in the new episode of “Bones” as Elizabeth Collins, a woman we learn is in an affair with her yoga instructor and winds up a murder suspect. Of course, her character appears in rather tempting photos from a website known as Peek-A-Pic!
– Cometh Courtney the fast rising TV starlet having guest-starred on “NCIS” and is slated to appear in “Quantum Break”, the revolutionary series that blends gaming and television.
– She is a vixen after all, the slightly pursing of her kissable lips onscreen is a sure sign of avid enchantment. Don’t miss Courtney as the leading lady of “Displacement” that takes you on a quantum leap and then some!

2. Melissa Marie Elias in “UnReal”


– In “UnReal”, catch the ravishing Melissa as Crystal, a sexy contestant on the fictional dating competition show called Everlasting which has its fair share of catfights, bitchy behavior as well as antics and that’s just the start of all the drama!
– Melissa effortlessly adds that touch of spice and glamor to the show as she stirs up a slice of trouble in the so-called love seekers paradise on the very first season.
– The advent of our obsession with Canadian actresses has already been planted and Melissa is elevating it to more passion-worthy heights!

3. Elissa Dowling in “We Are Still Here”


– Popular Scream Queen Elissa stars as Eloise Dagmar, a vengeful spirit in the freakily scary haunted house tale “We Are Still Here”.
– She may be covered in heavy makeup in the film but you can dubbed Elissa as being one of the sex bombs of the horror world on account of her innate sensuality. Her Twitter account does state ‘Actress, singer, wildlife rehabilitator. My initials are E.D. but I give tons of boners.’!
– On that note, many fans would not be able to resist watching her upcoming feature “Orgy Of The Damned” where she’ll be a visual pleasure from start to finish.

4. Lindsay Sawyer in “The Posthuman Project”

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– Ever since Hayden Panettiere showcased her powers on “Heroes”, we’ve been intrigued by female superheroes and Lindsay plays Gwen Black with such a foxy verve in “The Posthuman Project”, she’s adore-worthy.
– With her delightful pink streaks on her hair, Lindsay infuses Gwen with a charming wit that is deserving of admiration on a global scale as an upcoming indie darling.
– She does have an exciting upcoming project called “The New Adult” where she’s appearing as an employee at a tattoo studio.