Kristen StephensonPino

In the midst of film festival fever, there’s still sweethearts of the screen that entrance us and the gorgeous Kristen StephensonPino makes for a beguiling leading lady in the horror film “The Channel”. Now out on BLU-Ray, “The Channel” sees Kristen as Cassie, a young woman who somehow becomes the conduit for an evil entity after surviving a near-death experience. The creepy trailer which shows … Continue reading Kristen StephensonPino

Rising Starlet: Carol Anne Watts

Cutie Carol Anne Watts could well be a burgeoning captivator in the months ahead and she has the ravishing essence to keep us serially fascinated. This luscious brunette can be seen in “The Channel” which judging from the trailer is permeated by a foreboding dread that’s disconcerting. What with the evil female spirit in the vein of Japanese horror, spewing of black goo and skin-crawling … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Carol Anne Watts