The Women Of Altered Carbon: Lexi Atkins

Yet another binge-worthy series such as “Altered Carbon” to pique our interest for the ravishing Lexi Atkins who guest-stars on this futuristic Netflix series. Set in a era where immortality is achieved by having our consciousness kept in spinal implants known as ‘stacks’ and transferable between bodies known as ‘sleeves’, viewers are in for a sensory trip. Lexi appears on Episode 9 entitled ‘Rage In … Continue reading The Women Of Altered Carbon: Lexi Atkins

Canadian Vixen: Aria DeMaris

Canada’s hottest women have always been a sizzling mix of cultures and we’ll be attuned to the sauciness of El Salvador born actress Aria DeMaris in no time. This multilingual performer is a lady who will conjure avid interest just as much as she’ll leave you swooning at her innate Latina sex appeal. Catch her in this week’s episode of “Motive’ as Tammy,a sexy bartender … Continue reading Canadian Vixen: Aria DeMaris