Rising Starlet: Natalie Burn

2014 is turning out to be the breakthrough year for Ukrainian born vixen Natalie Burn as she’s a most enticing figure in a number of upcoming features. First up is “Nymph” which was filmed in Serbia and set to ignite avid interest in aquatic folklore. Yet again another water-themed horror film to get us thrilled and scared at the same time, Natalie joins Kristina Klebe … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Natalie Burn

Dream Girls Of Fantastic Fest 2013

1. Molly Dunsworth in “Septic Man” – Continuing her impressive run as a cult princess, Molly Dunsworth stars as Shelley, the wife of the man who transforms into the sewer super hero known as “Septic Man”. – Praises should be bestowed on Molly for taking on the outsider roles that aren’t mainstream yet vividly interesting. – Don’t miss her in the claustrophobic, post-apocalyptic short film … Continue reading Dream Girls Of Fantastic Fest 2013