Cara AnnMarie

Serenely beautiful, Cara AnnMarie is indeed a sparkling, enigmatic talent that we will look upon with endearment. She co-stars on the Season Finale of “Detroiters” this week as Judy Thompson, the director of marketing for Quick Loans who is introduced to Sam (Richardson) and Tim (Robinson), the ad men with a great reputation. What she gets however is very much a different beast or should … Continue reading Cara AnnMarie

CIFF 2015 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Christine Weatherup Christine Weatherup has impeccably endearing qualities so it’s destined she will be endorsed by audiences, especially those who love the indie genre. She’s the charming star of the award-winning “Bread and Butter” which is premiering at this year’s Cleveland International Film Fest. Christine is the soul of indie film-making as Amelia Karinsky who navigates the perplexing notion we call love. There’s even a threesome … Continue reading CIFF 2015 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Christine Weatherup