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Horror Starlets To Crave @ ScreamFest 2019

Ashlynn Yennie & Natalija Nogulich in “The Springfield Three” – In “The Springfield Three” which is based on a terrifying true story, Ashlynn and Natalija are part of a trio of women who want to escape for greener pastures only to find their worst nightmare is just around the corner. – Ashlynn may have been the main villainess in the 2019 Lifetime film “The Wrong … Continue reading Horror Starlets To Crave @ ScreamFest 2019

Sarah Booth

Rising sensation Sarah Booth is amassing tons of buzz on Twitter and numerous media channels for one of the most riveting and moving performances ever seen on “Law And Order: SVU”. In this week’s episode, she is phenomenal as Captain Beth Williams, an army ranger who agonizes over her image as a strong feminine figure after a brutal sexual assault. Mariska Hargitay is already singing … Continue reading Sarah Booth