Sizzling Actresses In Horror Films To Crave At HRIFF 2015!


1. Stefanie Estes in “Slit Mouth Woman In LA”

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– We know her as the mesmerizing leading lady Theresa in the Bollywood themed romantic-comedy “When Harry Tries to Marry” and with her wondrous versatility, Stefanie is also making waves on the indie horror scene.
– Having been eye-catching in “The Bunnyman Massacre” and “Disaster L.A.”, she sinks her teeth into “Slit Mouth Woman In LA” based on a Japanese urban legend. With its graphic violence and a captivating performance from Stephanie, this could be another cult body horror film that ranks alongside Tetsuo and Tokyo Gore Police.
– We can certainly get lost in her ravishing blue eyes and with this being Valentine’s Day, it would be a delight to see Stefanie in another role as the love interest.

2. Hannah Fierman in “American Hell”


– One of the most strikingly beguiling faces of the horror genre, Hannah is an addiction whether enchanting us as a lesbian vamp (The Unwanted) or a supernatural killer (V/H/S).
– She could well be the female Scarface seeing how Hannah is the villain of the piece in the home invasion short “American Hell” with the smile to give you chills!
– Expect her to be highly sought after and her penchant for taking on creepy yet complex female characters makes her a standout! A big reason why Hannah has been featured on the blog numerous times…:)

3. Stell Bahrahmi in “The Pink Zone”


– Stell has the beguiling touch which she exudes with ease and it creatively talented on both sides of the screen.
– In the “Pink Zone” where the world is plagued by a deadly virus transmitted by males, she plays the tormenter Sam with delicious vigor.
– She’s fancied as another actress who can stir hearts through her beautiful eyes and we can’t wait to be entranced by Miss Stell yet again.

4. Marlene Mc’Cohen in “Alien Hunger”


– Marlene is one of the hottest women to have ever grace the indie genre and this buxom cutie has bags of talent to compliment her evident sensuality.
– Just as fans would be passionate about her, Marlene herself is a dedicated storyteller which has seen her shine as a director and writer.
– Don’t miss her in the fun monster movie “Alien Hunger” as Mary, a summertime camper who is hunted by otherworldly creatures with an appetite for human flesh.

5. Rachel Noll in “Paramnesia”

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– It’s easy to have a thing for Rachel as she has such aesthetically features that we know are associated with a burgeoning indie darling.
– The mind-bending short film “Paramnesia” will see Rachel as a woman who experiences hallucinations causing her to enter a state of almost hyper-reality.
– Before terminal illnesses became such good material for drama such as “Chasing Life”, Rachel wrote and starred in “Don’t Pass Me By” as a woman who discovers she has only weeks to live and decide to make the best use of her precious time left. With her sheer talents, expect her to shine in the near future.

Hotties On Film and DVD – July 23rd

1. Rileah Vanderbilt and Caroline Wiliams in “Hatchet 3”

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– Rileah as we know is a digital vixen thanks to her work as a member of Team Unicorn. Caroline of course is a legend in horror circles and set to shine once more.
– Caroline returns to form as the driven Amanda in “Hatchet 3” searching for a way to put an end to the urban legend that’s plagued Honey Island Swamp.
– Rileah Vanderbilt who has previously worked on the previous 2 films takes on the role of S.W.A.T. member Dougherty who faces the seemingly unkillable Victor Crowley.

2. Laura Adkin in “It’s A Disaster”

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– Laura is a definite indie darling in the making with a delightful effusive appearance in the ensemble comedy “It’s A Disaster”.
– She plays Jenny Alexander, a woman who together with her husband are perpetual latecomers and are the bane of Julia Stiles more pragmatic character Tracy Scott.
– After all, she does possess the requisite vivacious qualities to lead us to want more!

3. Melissa Ordway in “Odd Thomas”

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– Melissa stars as Lysette in the quirky thriller about a man with the ability to commune with the dead and see spirits who are the portents of death.
– While “Odd Thomas” has its captivating brunette in the form of Addison Timlin, Melissa should also be regarded as a ravishing blonde who ranks as one of the sexiest.
– She’s also well known on television for sizzling up “90210”, the soap opera “The Young And The Restless” and on the Nickelodean Show “Hollywood Heights”