Ravishing Redhead: Taylor Cathcart

https://vimeo.com/81544412 If you harbor a lifelong attraction to crimson-haired cuties then the intoxicatingly beautiful TAYLOR CATHCART does spark a passionate ardor. It’s the best feeling when actresses I’ve featured here go on to carve our a successful career and garner a big following. Believe me there’s been quite a few, each possessing that special trait to wow us. Whether they gained popularity in the very … Continue reading Ravishing Redhead: Taylor Cathcart

Fantastic Fest 2013 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Elena Schuber

Film Fests are a favorite of mine especially when there’s the ebullient ELENA SCHUBER making her presence felt at a famous one. She’s starring in the movie “Escape From Tomorrow” which incorporates elements of horror and fantasy where a man encounters disturbing visions at the Walt Disney World Resort. What better than the surreal “Escape From Tomorrow” and its use of enchating monochrome to represent … Continue reading Fantastic Fest 2013 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Elena Schuber