Rising Starlet: Anna Hopkins

It’s no surprise that Canadian actresses are undeniably the object of our affection especially when cutie Anna Hopkins is now illuminating our TV screens. Certain to garner affection from sci-fi fans thanks to her role as Jessica “Berlin” Rainer in “Defiance”, she could be the breakout star praised by the lips of many people. Speaking of lips, Anna is blessed with a ravishing and kissable … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Anna Hopkins

Rising Starlet: Ileana Huxley

It’s great to see fresh faces make their mark on television and the very attractive Ileana Huxley is poised to be in our adoring sights. She’s starring in “Shameless” which returns for its 4th season in all its gritty comedic glory with her scene being as racy as the topless ironing by Veronica Fisher (Shanola Hampton) in a previous season. By far, one of the … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Ileana Huxley