Jamie Bernadette

The elegantly lissome Jamie Bernadette is turning heads all of this weekend with her riveting performances that have a fascinating edge. She’s going to be a screen darling of three film festivals including the International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival which she will be gracing as well as the Phoenix Film Fest and NYCIFF 2017. The star of “The 6th Friend” and “Face Of Evil” … Continue reading Jamie Bernadette

Bahia Haifi

Embodying graceful Parisian chic, Bahia Haifi has a sultry aura about her and her seductively breathy voice would indeed be a turn on for many. She is guest-starring as Sabine Arnaud, a French Delegate on the sci-fi series “Colony” that has Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies as The Bowmans whose lives have become a tumultuous one after an otherworldly invasion. We can’t wait to … Continue reading Bahia Haifi