Most Captivating Sweethearts @ Atlanta Shorts Fest 2013

1. Nadine Nicole Heimann in “Briefcase” – Nadine is an olive-skinned hottie who is versatile in any genre with the looks that’s both photogenic and addictive for viewers. – “Briefcase” is a suspense thriller that will see her character Sam cross paths with a gas-pump attendant who stumbled upon a briefcase which he was never meant to see the contents of! – She’s set to … Continue reading Most Captivating Sweethearts @ Atlanta Shorts Fest 2013

Blonde Bombshell: Tracy Teague

Intriguing women of horror have always been sought after and TRACY TEAGUE has played her part in fascinating us in 2 films. Last year’s “Respire”, the soul transference thriller had TRACY as a woman with a fatal disease who discovers a chest with a mysterious content capable of curing her. Eventually, it’s revealed there is someone’s breath in the chest which if inhaled can magically … Continue reading Blonde Bombshell: Tracy Teague