Aussie Vixen: Sarah Jane Coombe

It’s a no brainer to be besotted with Aussie Actresses when they come in the yummy shape of SARAH JANE COOMBE. With the gritty Australian series “Underbelly” returning to screens in its latest installment ‘Razor’, a hard-boiled film noir insight into the Sydney ganglands of the 1920s/1930s, let’s reminisce of how seductive SARAH was in “Underbelly: The Golden Mile”. Playing the call girl Krystal, her … Continue reading Aussie Vixen: Sarah Jane Coombe

Blonde Bombshell: Kiersten Hall

There I was today reading about the Glamorous Leading Ladies of Yesteryear such as Mae West, Kim Novak and Lana Turner who certainly reached the heights of feminine seduction during their time. Evoking the glittering Hollywood Sex Symbols of yore is the stunning actress/model Kiersten Hall who herself has been called a charismatic blonde goddess. If you’ve seen her tempting photos at the KIERSTEN HALL … Continue reading Blonde Bombshell: Kiersten Hall