Must Watch Sizzlers @ Burbank International Film Fest 2014


1. Mayra Leal in “The Wisdom To Know The Difference”


– One of the sexiest women on the planet, Mayra has made an indelible impression on film and continues to be a mesmerizing face of the indie scene.
– She is a Best Actress Nominee for her riveting role as the druggie Hope and should ensure her meteoric rise is sealed.
– Since her delicious appearance in “Machete” till now, she’s shown herself to be both sexy and an actress who can stir hearts.

2. Jenn Gotzon in “Heartfall”


– Regarded as one of the hardest working actors in the industry, Jenn has numerous films in the works all the way to 2016.
– Don’t miss her memorable performance as Emily, a woman who struggles to bond with her father in “Heartfall” as this short film will be an emotional one.
– Not only is Jenn strikingly inviting, she’s known for essaying characters that have a profound impact on audiences.

3. Bettina Bilger in “In The Dark”

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– The multi-talented Bettina is a sexy sweetheart on and off screen with that adorable essence many will harbor passion for.
– Her feature “In The Dark” is nominated in the Comedy Shorts Category all thanks to the humor she plays out in this entertaining twist on love.
– Just like her short, Bettina is quickly becoming an indie darling and has graced plenty of film festivals throughout this year.

4. Katy Foley & Lynn Lowry in “Ditch Day Massacre”

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– The always delectable Katy is a fast rising horror starlet while fans should be familiar with the work of horror icon Lynn Lowry.
– Katy plays Jenny, the high school senior whose past comes to haunt her in the bloody “Ditch Day Massacre” which is nominated for Best Feature Film.
– Catch the cameo by the wonderful Lynn as it involves finger-related violence dished out by the maniacal killer of the piece played by Bill Oberst Jr.

5. Patricia Rae in “The Social Contract”


– With her killer curves and captivating allure, latin vixen Patricia Rae oozes sexiness from head to toe.
– Look out for her in the dark feature “The Social Contract” nominated in the Best Thriller category which tells of a woman’s violent past catching up on her.
– Her upcoming horror comedy “Bloodsucking Bastards” is of course about vampires and Patricia is certainly part of a vampy female cast.

6. Mikaela Hoover & Rebecca Ocampo in “Another Happy Anniversary”

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– What better than to be able to enjoy this delectable duo who each have a distinctive magnetism that never fails to be infatuated upon.
– Mikaela is an enticing presence as Kim who is roped into a threesome by the couple played by Nikki Deloach and Hayes MacArthur.
– Rebecca likewise is just as enchanting as the sexual-healing yoga therapist who dispenses sagely advice on the pleasures of said threesome.

7. Dana DeLorenzo in “The Impression Guys”


– Dana is a whiz at celebrity impressions and no wonder she’s a guest star on the comedic web series “The Impression Guys” nominated in the New Media category.
– By far her most memorable impression to date has to be of the late singer Amy Winehouse although I reckon she could be a dead ringer for Lady Gaga too.
– This actress of Italian descent is actually pretty alluring and the fact she’s funny as well makes her quite the coveted talent.

The Must Watch Horror Hotties @ Crypticon Seattle 2014


1. Jessica Dercks in “Bloodsucka Jones”


– I first saw Jessica in “Growth”, the sci-fi flick about body-invading parasites and was of course hooked by her perfect mix of innocence and foxiness.
– Vamping it up in “Bloodsucka Jones, Jessica has the killer curves and of course killer fangs as Christine who is targeted by smooth, afro-haired vampire hunter Bloodsucka Jones!
– Her recent work include her stint on “Face Off” hiding what is one of the most gorgeous faces in horror behind some monstrous makeup!

2. Sallie Glaner in “The Visitant”

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– Charisma is certainly one of Sallie’s wonderful facets and she’s like a flower, blossoming sensually and engaging us with such luminosity.
– Watch her shine in “The Visitant” as a distraught realtor who visits struggling actress turned fortune teller Samantha for a reading in this supernatural film of thrilling value.
– “Unbridled Chaos” is a horror short where Sallie appears as the more grounded character Laura as opposed to leading lady Vanessa Aranegui’s mentally disturbed Adrianna

3. Anne Leighton & Shawna Waldron in “Cyrus: Mind Of A Serial Killer”

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– They are two of the sexiest women ever to grace the modern age of horror. Both Anne and Shawna play captives to a demented madman in “Cyrus” which has Brian Krause going psychotic as the titular rapist/killer.
– Anne’s recent appearance on the hit series “Criminal Minds” showcases her range as a dramatic actress extending her talents beyond just horror.
– Likewise Shawna captivates on a emotional level in her latest horror feature “Stitch” as a grieving mother who tries a ritual to heal except it comes with a demonic presence that threatens her life.

It’s Time To Crave These Desirable Special Guests

 alt=Lynn Lowry  alt=Jessica Cameron
 alt=The Soska Twins

Special Mention to Lynn Lowry, Jessica Cameron and The Soska Twins who have shone in every aspect of the horror genre. Their affable qualities coupled with exceptional creative talents is why they are very much coveted at horror festivals year in and year out! Fans everywhere will be able to meet these lovely ladies at this year’s Crypticon so make sure you Scream Out Loud for each of them!