Madrid IFF 2017 Spotlight: Katie Ryan

The rise of the redheads is upon us with the delectable Katie Ryan enthralling audiences at this year’s Madrid IFF 2017 Spotlight. Nominated for Best Lead Actress for her memorable performance in the drama “One Buck”, she’ll be feted as an indie darling in the coming months. She stars as Amara, the sister of the protagonist, a drug-addled cop Harry Maggio (John Freeman) who is … Continue reading Madrid IFF 2017 Spotlight: Katie Ryan

Madelaine Petsch

Back in 2011, the scarlet-haired Holland Roden of “Teen Wolf” fame became one of my screen heroines and now in 2017, the ravishing redhead Madelaine Petsch has indeed blossomed into one of my idols. She stars as Cheryl Blossom on “Riverdale” which is inspired by the Archie comic books and it’s great to see this week’s episode ‘La Grande Illusion’ is an ode to her … Continue reading Madelaine Petsch