Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 30 March 2017

Renee Percy in “Making History” – Canada’s most endearing women can definitely be seen on television with the ebullient Renee Percy guest starring in the comedic time travel series “Making History” which stars Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester. – Consistently vivacious whenever she’s onscreen, Renee plays Judi Forelli, a woman who is saved by Yassir Lester’s time traveler Chris from a nasty road accident but as … Continue reading Hotties On Film, TV, DVD & The Web – 30 March 2017

Actress Spotlight: Marianne Farley

Exuding a glowing radiance onscreen, Quebec-born actress Marianne Farley is deserving of an abundance of fondness. She is returning as Nicole Breen in the richly textured drama “This Life” with its Season 2 premiere on 2nd October. As Nicole, Marianne adeptly paints the picture of a woman and a mother who sacrificed a chunk of her life for the husband she loves. Exacerbated by the … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Marianne Farley