Horror Hotties To Crave @ Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014


1. Michelle Ellen Jones in “Conjoined”


– The ever sultry Michelle has 2 films screening at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014 and she’s well on her way to be celebrated as a beloved indie horror darling.
– While here’s the “Conjoined” Teaser , you can check out the opening scene from “The Pick-Axe Murders Part III: The Final Chapter” with Michelle being quite the tease!
– This will be a busy year ahead for Michelle with a number of horror-themed features in the works and if she gets to play even more bizarre characters like the one she did in “Conjoined” (as one half of Siamese-twin sisters), she will be fondly remembered.

2. Shannon Lark in “I Am Monster”

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– As Stunning as she is provocative, Shannon pushes the boundaries in “I Am Monster” as Viviene, a female necrophiliac with a macabre penchant for corpses in her need to feel alive!
– Known for her quote: ‘The love of exploiting everything terrible in life makes me excited to get up in the morning.‘ is a reflection of her ability to bring to life a twisted vision that propagates outlandish shock value!
– With her predilection for portraying the outcast which includes exploring surrealism and dark sexuality, here’s one lady we know is going to deliver compelling stories of the morbid kind.

3. Roxy Vandiver & Kelly Byrns in “The Pick-Axe Murders Part III: The Final Chapter”

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– Check out the trailer https://vimeo.com/87516685 and already you can anticipate this slasher is brimming with the sexiest terror vixens on the planet namely Roxy and Kelly.
– Roxy is the star of indie horror favs such as “Spirit Camp” and “Killer School Girls from Outer Space” bewitching us with her alternative style and embodying the daring temptation that she is on multiple mediums.
– Kelly is flying the flag for redheads in the horror genre and is equally enticing with a gun in her hand (as seen in “Code Of Evil”). She’s also has a pleasant demeanor and is known for being delightfully accommodating by consistently engaging with all her fans.

4. The Soska Twins, the Auteurs Of Terror


– The big news is of course the Soska Twins taking over the reins as directors of “See No Evil 2” bringing their much admired spin of intrigue and mayhem with the return of the vile serial killer Jacob Goodnight.
– They also roped in Katharine Isabelle, a genuinely fascinating enchanter as they did for their body horror masterpiece “American Mary”. Katharine and the Soska Twins are the perfect match in horror heaven.
– Fans at this year’s Texas Frightmare Weekend will be able to swoon at the alluring Soska Twins as Sylvia and Jen are in attendance.

5. Rebekah Herzberg, Horror Maven

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– Rebekah is gracing Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014 and will be on several panels including attending the “Circus of the Dead” screening, the film where she has the role of “The Swan”.
– If you are craving for horror starlets then Rebekah should certainly be on your list for both her bold beliefs when it comes to honoring the horror genre as well as having one of the sexiest bodies in the business.
– Possessing more than 2,000 horror film in all their VHS glory, she is undeniably the VHS Vixen! Check out her Blog and the Wicked Channel for a taste of her kick-ass VHS reviews.

6. Raquel Cantu in “The Bighead”


– A reviewer lauded her as the untamable sexpot Jerrica in “The Bighead” set in the backwoods where monsters and humans alike are terrorizing young woman in the West Virginian backwoods. That’s reason enough to watch this sexy blonde and spark your adoration for her.
– Her villainous turn in the home invasion flick “Home Sweet Home” is a terrifying thing of beauty embodying the psychotic Kristie with such predatory flair.
– It’s always that much harder to play the bad girl and Raquel has cleverly crafted herself into the guises of evil women with the necessary affectation.

Austin Film Fest 2013 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Rachel Heller

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Already a red-carpet goddess, Actress and Writer RACHEL HELLER is beguilingly easy on the eyes. Her long straight cut hair with bangs adds another dimension to her appeal and does make her a style maven. You can see her in “Innocence” which screens at this year’s Austin Film Festival and having seen her red-carpet pics, RACHEL does belong in the immensely beautiful cast. With 110,000+ Followers on her Twitter, Rachel is already much coveted and she’s growing in popularity. She is also the Chief Style Ambassador @ Zindigo – http://www.zindigo.com which is evolving the way we shop by utilzing social commerce, one social boutique at a time. One thing is for certain, RACHEL is delectable in almost anything she wears, a testament to her personal fashion chic.

I can’t wait to catch RACHEL alongside her gorgeous peers such as Imogen Poots, Addison Timlin and Jessica Lucas in the upcoming Zac Efron starrer “That Awkward Moment”. This is the second feature that sees RACHEL as part of a stunning female ensemble and lends credence to the fact she’s ravishing. Her multitude of talents include singing, improvisation as well as being able to assume Southern and British accents. Having the hots for RACHEL is a given as she’s more than capable of starting an obsession…:)