Hot Actress #455 – Kaela Hilton: Aussie Vixen

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How can one not be overwhelmingly infatuated with cute, sexy and cool actresses from Down Under especially when admiring how curvaceous KAELA HILTON is making a name for herself as a TV Siren. Australian audiences will know her best as strong-willed Melissa Evans on hit soap ‘NEIGHBOURS’ in a 7 episode stint that has seen her recognized for her trademark beehive blonde hairdo and her fascinatingly, quirky performances. Kaela had already spiced up television once before in Melbourne gang-war drama ‘UNDERBELLY’, her breakthrough role where we will always remember the steamy love scene in a car (above) that cultivated instant interest for this alluring starlet. I’ve noticed her appearances on ‘NEIGHBOURS’ generated intense fervor to find out more about KAELA in much the same I’ve became enraptured ever since. I must admit when i was living in Oz, this show and ‘HOME AND AWAY’ were guilty pleasures thanks to the stellar blonde cuties on it and since I’ve left, KAELA has indeed taken over the mantle of lusciousness..:)

For all your Nicole Kidmans and Isabel Lucases, it’s nice to see that fresh faces such as KAELA get their day in the sun..:) KAELA’s currently busying herself in Canada for the past year but I bet fans are clamoring for her swift return to dazzle Aussie TV once more….I’ve read this Melbourne honey has some juicy surprises!! That sounds like an open invitation to show your affection for this FOXY AUSSIE…:)