Foxy Femme: Mary Christina Brown

The exotic and enticing Mary Christina Brown is a talent of many flavours, establishing herself as a most alluring actress in the indie arena. She stars as Swan alongside Michael Jai White in the high octane actioner “Vigilante Diaries” and is the epitome of all that is fine about being dangerously sexy. As the right hand woman of Michael’s suave character Barrington, she partakes in … Continue reading Foxy Femme: Mary Christina Brown

Latin Vixen: Millie Ruperto

It sure looks like Latina Fever is here to stay especially when the sizzling Millie Ruperto is driving the infatuation. Puerto-Rican born beauty Millie is starring in the martial arts heavy “Falcon Rising” as local cop Katarina Da’ Silva on the slums of Brazil where bad guys seem to be all around her. Enter John “Falcon” Chapman (Michael Jai White) who is a mentally-scarred former … Continue reading Latin Vixen: Millie Ruperto