The Women To Crave @ Orlando Film Festival 2016


Jill-Michele Meleán in “Love & Hostages”


– The luscious Jill-Michele Meleán will undoubtably turns heads at this year’s Orlando Film Festival in the must-see romantic comedy “Love and Hostages”.
– Check out the interview (above) as she reveals more about her character Jackie Chase who is the personification of a vixen with the slinky yet catty facade.
– We do acknowledge that the multi-faceted Jill is endowed with drop dead gorgeous curves making her one of the foxiest comediennes to have tickle us pink.

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Catherine Cobb Ryan in “42 Seconds Of Happiness”


– The vivacious Catherine Cobb Ryan is a loveable enchanter and she shines in “42 Seconds of Happiness”, transcending the already noteworthy story.
– Her performance as the rather nasty Vineke is so authentic that it provoked discussion with many who watched it, a testament to Catherine’s enthralling talents.
– Be sure to check her out in “Dark Exorcism” as the nurse Joan Mills whose daughter comes under the influence of something demonic, a film that’s perfectly haunting this Halloween.


Lucy Walters in “Auld Lang Syne”


– Lucy Walters is the quintessential sweetheart of both film and television with memorable portrayals most famously as Holly on “Power” and as Ann in the zombie flick “Here Alone”.
– In the comedy “Auld Lang Syne”, she stars as Sadie who is a struggling actress trying to keep up appearances at a New Year’s Eve party that turns sour fast.
– She’s dazzled numerous film festivals ever year as well as the small screen so look out for Lucy to add sizzle on the 4th episode of the new series “Falling Water”.

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Mindy Robinson in “The Bet”


– She’s a living doll of desirable magnitude and Mindy Robinson is consistently eye-catching in a host of films, currently making waves in comedy and horror.
– Mindy showcases her savvyness as a female comic with her impeccable improv skills in “The Bet” playing Kirsten Kelly Lucas, the wife of Mr Lucas (wrestling legend Jake the Snake).
– In the zombie actioner “Range 15”, she has the distinction of being the only civilian on the film, joining up with veterans as the resistance force against the horde of walking dead.

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The Women To Crave @ R.I.P. Horror Film Festival 2015


1. Jessica Cameron


– Recently anointed as The Goddess Of Gore, Jessica Cameron is bound to be an icon of horror thanks to her inventive storytelling in bringing the fright to fans around the world.
– She will be attending the premier of her horror opus “Mania” at this year’s R.I.P. Horror Film Fest and continues her great run as a visionary which started with her compelling yet shocking “Truth Or Dare”. The must-see film has the label ‘A Fucked Up Lesbian Love Story…’ and thanks to Jessica’s breath-taking direction, “Mania” will be thrilling audiences.
– Our addiction for Jessica keeps growing what with her also starring in “All Through The House” which is an 80s-style slasher featuring a crazed Santa Slayer. She plays Sheila, a woman who is trying everything in her power to be a good mum to her son.

2. Melantha Blackthorne

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– Melantha has established herself as one of the idols of the horror genre and it seems we are endlessly enamoured with this voluptuous screen siren.
– She exudes sensuality from every pore and with her refreshingly fascinating turn as Clarice, one of the brides of the film “Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster”, she’ll be desired with even more fervour.
– A genuine beauty in every sense of the word, her charismatic sexiness is going to drive a wave of fandom soon enough.

3. Mindy Robinson


– Mindy Robinson revels in her role as Sylvie, the leading ballerina who gets shot at by beautifully psychotic fellow dancer Nisa (Sydney Raye) in “Ballet Of Blood”.
– With her busy schedule on both TV as well as film, Blonde Bombshell Mindy is crafting quite a career for herself and her desirability factor has grown in leaps and bounds!
– She has such a delectably angelic face that would have you wanting to know her in an instant and expect her to be a talent we’ll be passionately talking about.

4. Barbara Nedeljakova


– She may be playing Sasha, a Russian girl who happens to be a real bitch in “Whispers” but one has to admit Barbara is one of most alluring women to ever grace the horror scene.
– Barbara is a turn-on whether she’s appearing alongside both men or women and you’ll be captivated when you see her in the web series “Hell’s Kitty” especially since she’s cavorting with fellow horror hottie Ashley C. Williams.
– She has starred in some of the darkest films which includes of course include Hostel, The Hike and Isle of Dogs, ensuring viewers get a memorable glimpse of her hypnotic presence.