Sizzling Cutie: Kathryn Lyn

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Call her the fantasy of geeks everywhere and call her cool, KATHRYN LYN has many hitting on her thanks to some dexterous skills. I’m referring to the Gamer Girl in her, the eminent quality we find so craveworthy! Her penchant for titles such as ‘Metal Gear Solid’ and ‘God Of War’ have already amassed devotees who eagerly follow this attractive lady of gaming, whether she’s reviewing or playing one. What about her cuteness which makes anyone feel at ease just like when she memorably interview much adored band Green Day (above). She’s on par with the level of addiction you would have for your favorite video game.

The disturbing indie horror flick “Lesser Miracles” will see KATHRYN take on the role of an unstable women Riley who descends into a bout of insanity, seemingly a consequence of an accident. The chilling transformation is a must see as KATHRYN’s character grapples with the mysterious voice in her head, warning her of a frightening event in the near future. It’s as though KATHRYN has been handling the inner turmoil onscreen for years, here’s an indie princess waiting to blossom. This Michigan-born hottie could very well be the newest breakout star!