Scream For These Sizzling Women @ ShriekFest 2014

1. Denise Gossett, Scream Queen and Founder of ShriekFest – Denise Gossett voted number 5 out of 13 Most Influential Women In Horror History. Now that is a feat worthy of adulation across the globe! – We’ve already enamored with her enormous talents on as well as off screen and for giving us Shriekfest, one of the most memorable horror festivals. – Just like her … Continue reading Scream For These Sizzling Women @ ShriekFest 2014

Rising Starlet: Miriam Korn

It’s fantastic when actresses give us fans the heads up on their latest projects and perennial cutie MIRIAM KORN sure has plenty to reveal! She recently shot the new webseries “The Vampire Secrets” and as you can guess, it’s a soap opera spoof on the sensation that is “The Vampire Diaries”. You may have already watched “The Vampire Diaries” parody on Youtube that incorporated Lady … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Miriam Korn