Trident Of Terror Hotties At The 4th Annual A Nightmare To Remember


REYNA YOUNG – Miss Misery and Hostess Of A Nightmare To Remember

You most certainly can call Reyna Young a Woman To Remember..:) Her passion has propelled A Nightmare To Remember, her film fest where darkness and seduction reign supreme to the forefront of independent horror. Having been the seductive hostess for this convention 4 years running, Reyna aka Miss Misery has been your enigmatic guide to all things terrifying that strike fear into our hearts. This year on June 18th, she has assembled a luscious group of special guests and a film selection that will cater to all your needs….the bloody and gory kind of course. Just like the Devil’s Pitchfork, Reyna has join forces with vixens Megan Franich and Debra Lamb to from the enticing threesome I affectionately coined ‘Trident Of Horror Hotties’. Reyna should be lauded for being an inspirational figure for giving us a night’s worth of wicked macabre.

MEGAN FRANICH – “30 Days Of Night” Fame and Special Guest

The ethereal doll Megan Franich is my first ever feature on a New Zealand Actress and what a thrill a minute she is…:) Renowned as Iris, the goth female vamp from “30 Days Of Night”, she conveyed the fierce animal instincts of a predator and a foreboding of terror that gets under the viewer’s skin. Even in her ghoulish form we felt sympathy as her character met an untimely end. Audiences were mesmerized by how scarily similar her portrayal in the movie was to the illustrations of Iris as depicted in the graphic novel. Check out her amazing reel (above) that showcases the onscreen potency we all know she has. Besides her comely accent, Megan’s flawless pale skin and minxish features are some of the attributes that make her so uniquely sexy. This attractive Kiwi champions being a chameleon and experimenting with extremes in her projects affirming her versatility as an entertainer.

DEBRA LAMB – Scream Queen Legend and Special Guest

Considered as one of the most striking B-Movie Queens of all-time, Debra Lamb has headlined countless films most notably her outstanding performance in the under-rated “Evil Spirits”. From post-apocalyptic tales to grisly slashers, it has been said that Debra exuded a kind of magic that was such a rush for the best part of a decade. The fact that she went topless in several softcore movies shouldn’t go unnoticed too as her sin-sational toned body and nubile sauciness made her the fantasy babe for many. She was after all, an exotic dancer and a Playboy Cover Girl. While I didn’t get as much opportunity to sample her sexy self (back in the day censorship when was rife in Asia), I can see why she’s revered for being an erotic force throughout her career. She clearly contributed to numerous defining moments in the horror genre. Presently, Debra is a well-known physic healer helping to relieve our stressed-up lives but plenty out there are clamoring for Debra to make her long awaited comeback with rumors swirling.






The delicious trailer for “Candy” is a must see as its leading lady Sage Hall amps up the sensuality in this sweetest of horror shorts. Unquestionably, she has her amorous ways to get us excited especially seeing how voluptuously slinky she is in those black camisoles. Playing an overprotective mother who has a penchant for baking goodies, she really has some tasty treats in store…:) While this feature smacks of invigorating nostalgia thanks to the brilliant Sage who functioned as both the director and star, it has a distinctive tone that stands on its own merit. Sage is a heady combo of blue-eyed blonde bombshell and enticing innocence. Don’t know about you, but there’s just something about sexy cuties like Sage that I can’t get enough of. Blossoming nicely into one of independent film’s newest prospect in front and behind the camera, this is an up and comer we want to hear more about. She possesses a drive to make her mark on the indie scene and it won’t be long before this honey has everyone eating out of her hands…:)




In the coming months, actress/producer/writer Brooke Lewis is going to be ever present in some of the most fascinating projects independent horror has to offer. Her fans already know her as Ms. Vampy, her alter-ego with seriously foxy bite that has became a huge hit. Taking on leading roles in highly anticipated features “Archaic Redemption” and “Mondo Holocausto” will surely see her popularity rise even further as she welcomes us into her luscious world. This Buxom brunette and photogenic beauty has tons of sass to captivate viewers for days on end. Having started her own company Philly Chick Pictures to produce entertainment with an attitude (in her words), she’s just as influential behind the scenes. Sprinkles is her newest short psychological drama/thriller that has her playing a High-priced call girl, Maura who has a seemingly chance encounter with a client, Gary (Don Danielson), while on a business trip that will take them on journey of dirty secrets, fetishes and revenge…WOW! Brooke has got me hooked!

Exclusive Interview With Mistress Of Horror Reyna Young

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It’s Women In Horror Month this February and what better way than to celebrate independent horror’s delectable, multi-talented hottie Reyna Young aka MISS MISERY. In front or behind the camera, Reyna has become a prominent figure in the horror genre and a proponent for blood, guts and boobs. Find out more about her in this exclusive interview as she tells us how she has become influential in all things horror, her plans for a MISS MISERY comic book and why she gets over 300 marriage proposals!



1. You’ve been described as one of the most dedicated people in horror. What drives your passion to be so involved with the genre?

A: Horror has always been a love of mine and I don’t think I can ever get horror out of my system. John Carpenters Halloween is to blame, it was the first horror film I ever saw and I just fell in love with being scared. Also I read a lot of Edgar Allen Poe and started writing at a young age. It’s just a apart of me, it’s hard to put it in words, it’s a feeling, you know. It’s a genre that gives me Goosebumps and makes me smile at the same time. I love doing all the things I do and there’s so much more that I want to achieve in this genre.

2. Which part of horror films are you most fascinated with? Is it the suspense, strong female presence or the unadulterated blood and gore?

A: I love blood, I cannot get enough of it but I have always been in love with Hitchcock films. I do love suspense, it’s a big deal to me.
One of the reasons why I really liked The Blair Witch project was because it defined Hitchcock’s theory that the unseen is scarier then the scene itself. I love horror that screws with your mind. Also when there’s a strong female in the lead it’s even more cool to me. I love seeing a strong female in the lead like Jamie Lee Curtis was great in Halloween and she survived. That’s one thing that I really looked at as a kid when I saw Halloween and I wanted to grow up and be a scream queen. It was one of my childhood goals… LOL

3. Sexy women are ubiquitous and influential in the horror realm but as a female leading lady, what do you want to see more of?

A: I want to see more females killing, I want to see more women picking up the knife and stabbing away. Like a great example is Chainsaw Sally she s a strong, Independent female who kills. I love it!!

4. What’s it like being “The Queen of Horror In The Bay Area? Any stalkers and obsessed fans so far?

A: Oh my god I can write a book!! I have stalkers constantly who are trying to find out where I live or they’ll even get a hold of my phone number and call me all the time, or e-mails. I have had over three hundred marriage proposals. It gets that crazy!

I love being the queen of horror, sometimes I feel like I better keep it up or else but I do my job and people seem to love it when I throw events like Zombie proms or hosting horror themed events. It’s great and I love interacting with the fans.

5. Being a multi-faceted actress, how do you juggle being an actress, host, writer and model so impressively?

A: My Motto is “You only live once, so do everything you want to now.” I remind myself that sometimes and I tell people that. Because it’s true I do want to live a life full of regrets on my deathbed. I want to do as much as I can while I’m here and everything that I want to achieve I have been doing great but there’s still so much more I want to do. That’s why I do so much and sometimes I even think I don’t do enough. But there’s only one of me, what can I say. I balance everything off and then add more onto my plate.


6. What have been your most memorable experiences as an entertainer?

A: Everything I do is memorable, there was this one time when I was doing Sac Horror Sci-Fi show in Sacramento and I had a table, I was a guest there and this woman came up to me and thanked me for doing all that I do. She said that I was a true inspiration to females and that she was going to try to make her own horror short film. She wanted some advice from me and after we talked she gave me this big hug and thanked me. I thought I was going to cry. I just thought wow I can’t believe that I affect people this way, it was amazing. I felt so good and was really proud of everything that I do.

7. How did you come up with your moniker Miss Misery and do you see yourself as being instrumental in the independent scene?

A: I had met John Stanley and Bob Wilkins from Creature Features at Wondercon in San Francisco the first time I went which was years ago. My dad was so excited to meet them. I didn’t know who they were until I bought some DVD’s and watching them brought me back to when I was a little girl into Elvira. Well I wanted to do that. I wanted to host horror films and be a horror host. I thought it would be a fun little project to do. Well I named myself Miss Misery after my favorite Elliot Smith song and I was already a Goth girl so I just created one of my personalities and Miss Misery has blown up big time. I never thought The Last Doorway Show would be going into 60 episodes later, I love it, I love every minute of it and I’ll keep going until time ends…

8. Who are your favorite Scream Queens and why do they get your vote?

A: This is a great question because growing up I was influenced by men, Wes Craven, Sam Raimi, John Carpenter but as I got older I was looking for more females. I started to really pay attention to it when I started working in the genre. Now I have so many wonderful friends who are supportive and I love them to death. They are also very inspirational. Brooke Lewis, Debbie Rochon, Heidi Martinuzzi, Dai Green, and there are just so many of them who I love and admire and look up too!

9. Can you give us a peek of your current as well as future projects?

A: Yes I can!! I am currently working on A Miss Misery comic book called A Haunting Desire which I am having made through Comic Book Divas. I am also working on future comic called Miss Massacre where I am like a gothic version of wonder Woman and Forgotten Tales. Horror Stories I wrote and host, I am trying to bring back a Tales From the Crypt type of comic.

I am also currently working on my next feature and a bunch of short films. I have also been self publishing my own line of books Called Forgotten Tales and working on a gothic Fairy Tale book, untitled! In between being on Creepy Kofy Movie time on channel 20 and The Last Doorway Show, and modeling.

10. Tell us one thing about Reyna Young that nobody knows about.

A: My all time favorite movie that I cannot get enough of is “Dirty Dancing” My dream is to learn and perform that dance.. LOL I am such a dork…