Sizzling Cutie: Melissa Cordero

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Melissa Cordero belongs to the incredible array of sweethearts on screen who are proving to be a sight to behold. Melissa has been lauded on the list of the 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas 2013 and it’s obvious she’s an absolute enchanter. Those in the US must be loving the fact she moved from Costa Rica to settle into her life as an actress. In the vein of natural cute performers such as Selena Gomez, she has delectable qualities that can melt any heart. She recently appeared in “Ghost of Goodnight Lane” which tells of an antique box that unleashes a spirit with a habit of killing indie film-makers. But wait…this is actually a tasty horror/comedy and surprisingly dispenses with the gore we’ve come to expect.

Continuing her run in the horror genre, Melissa also appeared in the creature feature “Snakehead Swamp” on the SYFY channel. In the tradition of mutated fish with a bloodlust for humans, Louisiana is gripped with fear as a school of monstrous snakeheads start chomping the locals. Don’t the man-eating fishes realize that Melissa’s character Sam is just too nice to eat (watch her in the clip above)! From face value, Melissa is all geniality and I’m sure she’s just as approachable in person. There’s a high probability, many would certainly be espousing the words ‘Creo que eres muy hermosa’ to her. Melissa is a beautiful up and coming actress with the drive to become one of the most sought after young women in the industry.

Most Enchanting Women @ The Geekie Awards 2014


1. Kristen Nedopak, Luscious Maven of All Things Geekie Awards


– She is the brainchild of “The Geekie Awards” and she’s gracing the event in a super sexy “Mother Of Dragons” inspired costume which will certainly spark multitude fantasies…:)
– What better than to have the luscious Kristen Nedopak who made this show for all geeks around the world a special one year in year out.
– She promises a Better, Geekier Awards Show for attendees eand those watching the live stream at home so expect this year’s edition to be out of this world!

2. Mindy Robinson is a special guest presenter at The Geekie Awards


– Well, Mindy is one of the stars of “King Of The Nerds” and by now it should be apparent she’s a dream gal for many a geek.
– This pneumatic blonde will be presenting the best video game award alongside The Expendables star Randy Couture joining luminaries such as Stan Lee and Alison Haislip.
– She’s also one of the hardest working women in the industry with numerous roles spanning a variety of genre already locked in for this year and beyond.

3. Katherine Pawlak & Elaine Mani Lee in “Kepler X-47”

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– We can’t get enough of multi-talented women and Katherine Pawlak as well as Elaine Mani Lee are truly a delectable duo.
– Best Short Film nominee “Kepler X-47” which stars the gorgeous twosome is a futuristic tale of a woman ill at-ease with her life as part of a human exhibit on an alien planet.
– Elaine recently appeared alongside Betty White in “Hot In Cleveland” while Katherine is making audio heaven as the vocalist of the band Sad Robot.

4. Helen Wilson in “The Hitchhiker”


– Look out for Helen in the noir meets Twilight Zone thriller “The Hitchiker” which is a Best Short Film nominee.
– Her most notable role is as Dr. Anna Freud in the first season of “Masters Of Sex” and she was recently in an episode of “Comedy Bang! Bang!”.
– Expect Helen to be seen in even more incarnations as she has the innate ability to switch facets onscreen.

5. Rileah Vanderbilt in “Wonder Woman” short film


– Wonder if Zack Snyder would have roped in Rileah as Wonder Woman in the upcoming “Batman Vs Superman” had he seen her exceptional portrayal of the Amazon Goddess.
– After all, her thrilling “Wonder Woman” short is one of the nominees for the Best 2014 Trailer and Video Award which she deserves to win!
– “The Team Unicorn Saturday Action Fun Hour!” which will see Rileah playing both live/animated counterparts alongside her fellow Team Unicorn hotties Clare Grant, Milynn Sarley, and Alison Haislip.

6. Kathy Searle in “Future Hero”


– Don’t miss this upcoming comedic starlet in “Future Hero” who plays Laura the wife of a man who encounters a time-traveling android assassin.
– Known for being a witty entertainer and with “Future Hero” being a nominee for Best Short Film, she’s set to be a dazzling talent in 2014.
– Kathy currently stars in the comedy “My Man Is A Loser” which is sure to propel her to ‘In-Demand’ status.

7. Abby Miller in “Caper”


– The number of times Abby has been on this blog can only mean one thing. The “Justified” star who is also the leading lady on “Caper” is a genuine addiction what can i say…:)
– Will “Caper” win Best Web Series seeing how it has all the ingredients of geekdom including the superhero turned criminal concept that’s uniquely compelling.
– This year she was also in the Jean Claude Van Damme heist actioner “Swelter” and she’s every bit as comely in her role as Peaches, a gangster’s moll.