Ellen Dorrit Petersen

Ellen Dorrit Petersen is Norway’s jewel of the film industry who is steadily becoming an immensely captivating storyteller. Now everyone can be awed by her mesmeric performance in “Shelley” which has put her on the map when it comes to the women of world cinema. I’m blessed to be able to marvel at the complexity she consistently delivers onscreen and be able to praise such … Continue reading Ellen Dorrit Petersen

The Must Watch Actresses @ SXSW Film Festival 2016

Jessie Ennis in “Slash” – Jessie has such an adore-worthy down-to-earth appeal, it should be noted that she’s destined for acclaim, especially since her talents extend beyond the screen as a filmmaker/writer. – Appearing in the coming of age comedy “Slash” that’s a one of a kind story, Jessie will be garnering all the plaudits at the on-going SXSW. By the way she also happens … Continue reading The Must Watch Actresses @ SXSW Film Festival 2016