Hotties Dazzling Our Eyes This Christmas Season

1. Laurie Love in “Defending Santa” – Laurie is best known for essaying dual roles as Lucy / Sadie in the cult hit “Blood Moon Rising” where she excelled in what is grindhouse horror at its best. – She does however play against type in “Defending Santa”, one of the many Christmas Movies bringing you cheer this festive season. – Not to worry though as … Continue reading Hotties Dazzling Our Eyes This Christmas Season

Sizzling Cutie: Claire Gordon-Harper

Adorable ladies are always on the top of many a list and CLAIRE GORDON-HARPER is pleasingly eye-catching with an incandescent sparkle. Her movie “Echo Dr.” is finally being released in 2014 and mightily intriguing. A futuristic twist on the home invasion theme with a sprinkling of Will Smith’s “I, Robot” is the riveting premise of “Echo Dr.”. With “The Purge” making a killing at the … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Claire Gordon-Harper