Screen Siren: Mandy June Turpin


The classy Mandy June Turpin is a multi-faceted performer whose sterling endeavours has graced television, film and theater. It’s truly double the viewing pleasure to gaze at Mandy’s dual appearance on 2 shows namely “Nashville” and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”. In just 1 night on 4th May we’ll be treated to the wonders of Mandy who entrances in 2 characters of varying motives. First up is Mandy playing the ultra-conservative news anchor Cynthia Davis who in typical Fox News fashion goes for the jugular in this case the singer Will Lexington (Chris Carmack) who is gay. As Cynthia, she’s a nasty piece of work and kudos to Mandy for instilling the galvanic ambition required as an unapologetic woman advancing her own views even it’s a tad unjust. Cynthia’s the type to rile up divided opinion which is going to add even more spice to “Nashville” and she’s expected to be trouble come next week’s episode one suspects. You wouldn’t want to mess with this iron lady i bet!

Concurrently Mandy guest-stars on the latest episode of “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”, only this time in more anxious circumstances. She plays Stephanie Peters whose daughter Emma is in a much maligned relationship with a Turkish boy and seemingly the root to her sudden disappearance. Another touching portrayal from Mandy as the concerned mother, greatly perturbed by the situation which leads to the rapid activation of the response team. On the big screen, she can be seen in the family friendly “A Sunday Horse” alongside luminaries Nikki Reed, William Shatner, Linda Hamilton, Ving Rhames among others. Mandy also joins fellow TV actress Ashley Rickards in the upcoming “” with its intriguing premise of a networking app that matches enemies instead of friends a cert for the thrill factor! With numerous parts in features that have gone on to shine at film festivals such as Tribeca, there’s a wealth of reasons to view the resplendent Mandy with passion.

Screen Sweetheart: Marri Savinar


The very delectable Marri Savinar is a multi-faceted entertainer with the eye-catching appeal to engage the hearts of many. She guest-stars on “Jane The Virgin” alongside none other than Gina Rodriguez herself in the episode ‘Chapter Forty-One’. Marri plays Lilah, the waitress who together with Gina’s Jane Villanueva tries their utmost to cover for the hapless Anezka (Yael Grobglas) who is mostly lacking in waitressing aptitude. When faced with their annoying manager coldly labelled as Vest, the girls put their foot down with some much needed attitude. Of course, Gina is known for her convivial personality and likewise Marri has a similarly affable glow that being besotted with her comes easily. As you will see on “Jane The Virgin” and her collection of shots on print, Marri is certifiably photogenic.

In the hit web series “Makeup Call”, Marri is refreshingly charming as Jenn, the make-up artist who teams up with her best friends to one-up a top youtube star. She’s also the creator of “Sunday Morning”, another web series that delves into the bedrooms of diversely sexual orientated couples. Kudos to Marri for roping in Amber Benson, esteemed Buffy The Vampire Slayer alum into the fold of her love talk between the sheets youtube show. Taking on the mantle of writer,producer and actress attests to her savviness in this industry.

Check out the MARRI SAVINAR OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates. Marri does confirm that she exudes Olivia Wilde’s chill factor as well as having her sexy, husky voice and we affectionately agree!