The Women Of Orange Is The New Black

From this week onwards, The town is going to be painted in orange or should I say the jailhouse is going to be decked in glaring orange as the women of “Orange Is The New Black” spark a riot. On June 9, the intensity ratchets up like never before as the inmates of Litchfield Penitentiary seek their own justice after the death of Poussey Washington’s … Continue reading The Women Of Orange Is The New Black

Jennifer Jiles

To be able to feature an Emmy award winning actress/writer such as the lovely Jennifer Jiles is a blessing and she’s as a graceful performer as she is a gracious person. She’s the star of 2 indie features of note namely “The Waiting Room” by multi-award winning writer/director Debra Markowitz (Intention Films and Media), which was shot in February, 2017 and “Mother Of The Week”. … Continue reading Jennifer Jiles