Screen Siren: Mandy June Turpin

The classy Mandy June Turpin is a multi-faceted performer whose sterling endeavours has graced television, film and theater. It’s truly double the viewing pleasure to gaze at Mandy’s dual appearance on 2 shows namely “Nashville” and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”. In just 1 night on 4th May we’ll be treated to the wonders of Mandy who entrances in 2 characters of varying motives. First up … Continue reading Screen Siren: Mandy June Turpin


Screen Sweetheart: Marri Savinar

The very delectable Marri Savinar is a multi-faceted entertainer with the eye-catching appeal to engage the hearts of many. She guest-stars on “Jane The Virgin” alongside none other than Gina Rodriguez herself in the episode ‘Chapter Forty-One’. Marri plays Lilah, the waitress who together with Gina’s Jane Villanueva tries their utmost to cover for the hapless Anezka (Yael Grobglas) who is mostly lacking in waitressing … Continue reading Screen Sweetheart: Marri Savinar