Screen Sweetheart: Marri Savinar


The very delectable Marri Savinar is a multi-faceted entertainer with the eye-catching appeal to engage the hearts of many. She guest-stars on “Jane The Virgin” alongside none other than Gina Rodriguez herself in the episode ‘Chapter Forty-One’. Marri plays Lilah, the waitress who together with Gina’s Jane Villanueva tries their utmost to cover for the hapless Anezka (Yael Grobglas) who is mostly lacking in waitressing aptitude. When faced with their annoying manager coldly labelled as Vest, the girls put their foot down with some much needed attitude. Of course, Gina is known for her convivial personality and likewise Marri has a similarly affable glow that being besotted with her comes easily. As you will see on “Jane The Virgin” and her collection of shots on print, Marri is certifiably photogenic.

In the hit web series “Makeup Call”, Marri is refreshingly charming as Jenn, the make-up artist who teams up with her best friends to one-up a top youtube star. She’s also the creator of “Sunday Morning”, another web series that delves into the bedrooms of diversely sexual orientated couples. Kudos to Marri for roping in Amber Benson, esteemed Buffy The Vampire Slayer alum into the fold of her love talk between the sheets youtube show. Taking on the mantle of writer,producer and actress attests to her savviness in this industry.

Check out the MARRI SAVINAR OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates. Marri does confirm that she exudes Olivia Wilde’s chill factor as well as having her sexy, husky voice and we affectionately agree!

Actress Spotlight: Jennifer Lafleur


Stirringly wonderful indie sweetheart Jennifer Lafluer will be very much in the public eye with her prominence this week on both film and television. At the Sun Valley Film Festival, she is appearing in 2 features namely “Mad” and “Carbon” where she’ll be seen as strikingly riveting in both. Come March 6th, she’s following it up by guest-starring in the new Showtime drama series “Billions”. A face on the way to the pinnacle of the indie genre, admiration is certain to come her way as she’s a genuine talent and thoroughly relatable. In “Mad”, she showcases an absorbing, multi-faceted performance as Connie, a woman whose mother (Maryann Plunkett) suffers a nervous breakdown but at the same time has some insecurities that could just push her off the edge. This manifests in her aloofness towards her mother’s condition as well as around her sister Casey (Eilis Cahill) and while we might want to paint her as insensitive, she has her redemptive qualities. This duality of grey is essayed brilliantly by the accomplished Jennifer who also happens to be a prodigious filmmaker.

She’s also the leading lady of the sci-fi short “Carbon” which is having its world premiere at the Sun Valley Film Festival too. The premise where she’s a sheep rancher whose peaceful existence may just unravel with the arrival of a stranger sets up for an unsettling suspense. On television expect Jennifer to flash her effervescent smile alongside Paul Giamatii in the episode “The Punch” on “Billions” which is a monster of a hit breaking the Showtime Premiere record. Having already graced prestigious festivals such as Sundance and Dances With Films, Jennifer is shaping to be a perennial enchanter.