Beverly Hills Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Seri DeYoung


When one is an enchanter on both sides of the camera, exalting the multi-talented Seri DeYoung with passion is a must. She’s the director, writer and actress of “Still Life” which is destined to be an audience fav and will be screening at the 2016 Edition of the Beverly Hills Film Fest. Already an Audience Award winner at the Women’s Independent Film Festival, Seri has crafted a stirring coming of age tale that echoes the pains of being young. Seri’s leading lady Hope Jaymes in the role of Franci is an aspiring artist whose ambition may just be stifled by her substance addled mother and this familial feud has its compelling veneer. Seri who appears in “Still Life” as Cas, the BFF of Franci is also attending the premiere so if you’re in LA, be sure to catch a glimpse of her.


Seeing how’s Seri is a perennial cutie and has the adorable factor whenever she’s on the red carpet, her admirers will be on a high this week. Filmmakers like her are a boon for indie fans and we can’t wait for more captivating narratives from the luscious Seri.

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North Hollywood CineFest 2016 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Anastacia McPherson


Anastacia McPherson is a multi-talented charmer of the screen and she’s dazzling up the indie genre this week. She is the leading lady of the short film “Eveleigh” which premieres at the NOHO Cinefest and she’s a must watch as Amber, a troubled woman whose encounter with an enigmatic girl Eveleigh is profoundly revealing. Anastacia is also nominated for Best Actress in a short for her stirring portrayal as Amber which should be the start of more accolades to come for this rising talent who also happens to be the writer and producer of “Eveleigh”. This year, she’s also guest-starring in the 5th season of “House Of Lies” which means we’ll get more generous helpings of this luscious lady on TV too.

Those of you who are web addicts may know her as Autumn from “Destroy The Alpha Gammas” the web series that’s a musical concoction of rivalry and revenge set in the ever-shifting world of sororities. As the President of the AGs, she’s fiercely competitive and Anastacia gamely injects that much needed brash streak as a sorority head which often comes with a mean attitude. She also had great chemistry with Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes from “The 100”) who played her right hand bitch. Tapping into the emotional arc of characters is discernibly one of her fortes (as she wonderfully elucidates in “Eveleigh”) and 2016 could yet be the breakthrough year for the fetching Anastacia McPherson.