Must Watch Starlets at the Wild Rose Indie Film Fest 2014


1. Jessica Sonneborn, Kristina Page, Eliza Swenson & Sarah Nicklin in “Alice D”

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– Just like beautiful roses, these four sexy ladies from the supernatural thriller “Alice D” are blooming with riveting magnetism and taking our breath away!
– Jessica, Kristina, Eliza and Sarah are multi-talented and have each portrayed some of the most memorable women in the indie genre.
– Kudos to the delectable Jessica for directing and starring in “Alice D”, a testament to her captivating ways on and off screen as well as her fresh perspective on filmmaking.
– The mesmerizing Kristina is of course the revenge-seeking titular Alice who proves to be a haunting presence. She’s scary in the movie yet a real sweetheart in person!
– Eliza is 100% a vixen and appears as a femme fatale who instills some of the twists in “Alice D”. With her foxy facade, she was born to play a bad girl!
– A beloved Scream Queen, Sarah Nicklin consistently beguiles and yet again she does as the sister of Alice who is sold to a brothel. She’s no stranger to challenging roles.
– Don’t forget to drop by the ALICE D Facebook Page to view the latest posters as they’re pretty saucy and forebodes darkness all at the same time!

2. Alicia Fusting in “Route 30,Three”


– One of the darlings of the indie genre, she’s been in the whole trilogy of the award-winning comedy “Route 30″ that features a host of eccentric people.
– Likewise with her starring as Darlene Donkey in her upcoming film “Drugs & Other Love”, she’ll corner the market and shine in some zany roles.
– If the comedy genre was a playground for some of the sexiest women then Alicia would be high on the enviable list.

3. Mackenzie Meehan in “These Hopeless Savages”

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– On a scale of 10 for cuteness, Mackenzie is as close to a 10 as one can get, a picture of angelic allure destined for infatuation.
– A scene stealer and a charmer in “These Hopeless Savages”, she previously did the same alongside Leonardo Di Caprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street”.
– She’s currently shooting Scorsese’s new pilot, “Untitled Rock and Roll.” It does mean Mackenzie’s time in the spotlight is very much in the making!

Northeast Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Anastasia Barzee


Hailed for being a bewitching performer on Broadway, film, television and the music industry, Anastasia Barzee is pure class. Feted in the New York Theater scene, her appearances in William Shakespeare’s Henry IV and Jekyll & Hyde has seen her garner immense plaudits. Add to that her impressively rich soprano voice and you have a multi-talented woman to be roundly admired. She’s a real pleasure on both the visual and aural sense. If you’re a fan of Anne Heche then Anastasia would be up for adoration as she too has a sassy appeal with simmering sexiness. She glows from head to toe, her comely beauty is lovable every which way.

This Sunday, catch her in the documentary “A Broadway Lullaby” which screens at the on-going Northeast Film Fest. Another hot news is her leading role as Lady Victoria in the Theatre Under The Stars’ upcoming production of Victor/Victoria which means she’s well on her way to glitter in the limelight. She will also be in the upcoming indie comedy “Those Who Wander” alongside Harry-Potter starlet Bonnie Wright which is destined to be a hit with audiences. On that note, TV addicts would also have seen Anastasia popping up in shows such as “Blue Bloods” and “White Collar”. With her expressive veneer on so many mediums, Anastasia is an entertainer to be remembered with affection.

Take a browse of the ANASTASIA BARZEE OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.