Screen Siren: Kathleen Gati

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Having informed me that she’s in “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon”, I get a tingle of excitement having Canadian TV/Movie actress KATHLEEN GATI on this blog. In a fun and crazy role as a Russian bar owner/bartender, it’s a given that Transformers fanboys will be looking out for her as they so often do, dissecting every piece of morsel related to the upcoming Summer Popcorn Blockbuster. Well-known in Eastern/Central Europe, audiences have been in awe of her many emotionally-charged onscreen displays for quite some time. She’s currently gracing the 33rd Moscow International Film Festival where her movie “Visszatérés” aka “Retrace” is making its premiere on June 26th. It’s a bittersweet story set in Romania during Ceausescu’s grim regime that has KATHLEEN’s character revisiting her homeland only to discover tragic events. In addition to being a multiple award winning actress, KATHLEEN is multi-lingual and has the magical European allure thanks to her Hungarian roots. Best remembered as the First Lady of Russia Anya Suvarov who has Jack Bauer as an ally on “24”, she’s also been impressing in a slew of hit shows including “The Mentalist”, “NCIS” and “Covert Affairs”. When she first started out in the biz, this was what she noted: “I played a few hookers in my day, because I was always a little ‘voluptuous’” referring to her small part in the cultish “Frankenhooker”. I came across her photo with Tim Roth whom she worked with on an episode of “Lie To Me” and she’s every bit an Über Striking beauty.

KATHLEEN is on the throbbing pulse of entertainment and with those sultry blue eyes of hers, everyone should be in awe of her. Head on over to the KATHLEEN GATI OFFCIAL SITE for a glance at the stellar career and life of this consummate thespian. While she’s often a Bodacious Blonde, KATHLEEN went jet black for the recent indie “The Future” that premiered at the LA Film Fest 2011. Check her out as Dr Straus, the vet dispensing sage advice to Miranda July (playing Sophie) about her adopted cat in the trailer (above). The Sundance fave “Little Birds” sees her part of the fantastic female powerhouse cast of Leslie Mann,Juno Temple and Kay Panabaker. She continues to be influential in a plethora of mediums including Broadway, along the way accumulating a body of work that’s as mesmerizing as she is…:)

Hot Brunette Of Summer: Veronica Diaz

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Argentina-born temptress VERONICA DIAZ will be generating some serious excitement all Summer in 2011. Slated to appear in Season 4 of sci-fi series “Torchwood” starring John Barrowman, she’ll be craved just as much as the shows’ newest evolution. This “Americanized” version has Los Angeles as its epicenter of events and has the population of the world suddenly turning immortal. If you can’t wait for yummy Veronica to sizzle on TV, check her out in the Western “The Gundown” (see the video above) which has been released on DVD. Starring as a fiesty gunslinger with a most saucy side, she takes no prisoners and partakes in a very sexy love scene. IMDB has already installed her as the Fresh Face Of This Week and I absolutely agree. Two reasons why…Firstly, she’s constantly in a state of fun and being in such a competitive industry, VERONICA is known as a talent that’s easy to work with and take it from me, she’s super friendly to her fans too. Secondly, she’s always comfortable in her own skin and her sex appeal lies in the energy she exudes which rubs off on everyone around her. Her exquisite lips are as breath-taking as her head-turning features that heightens her approachable allure even more. Highly versatile in multiple genres, VERONICA aims to touch people with her lively onscreen performances.

Right up there as an emerging Sex Symbol, VERONICA is steadily taking on more intense roles. Not only does she have a stunningly expressive face, VERONICA uses it to great effect. She will be joining actress Lorena Bernal in a not to be missed historical drama Green Cafe, a tale of ongoing social upheaval in Argentina around the latter part of the 1990s. With civil unrest and mass murders committed by a cruel dictatorship as its central theme, get ready for an controversial account of those turbulent times. This gripping story could see VERONICA cement her status as one of the most polished actresses of her generation.