Portland Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Corina Calderon

Screen Goddess Corina Calderon is primed to be a global sizzler and she’s ready to turn heads at this year’s Portland Film Festival. She stars in “Khali The Killer” as Cori, the love interest of Richard Cabral’s titular hitman Khali who reneges on the hits he’s been assigned to due to his sympathetic nature. While we can fathom them being the epitome of Bonnie And … Continue reading Portland Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Corina Calderon

Courtney Halverson

The swoon-worthy Courtney Halverson enchanted audiences in 2016 in quite the riveting fashion on television screens. In her guest-starring role on “Criminal Minds” as Cheryl ‘Cherry’ Rollins, a woman who is kidnapped by a masked Unsub with huge daddy issues, she handled the physical and emotional strains with a plucky grit. Being strung up by her two arms for most of the episode has to … Continue reading Courtney Halverson