Rising Starlet: Britt Harris

http://vimeo.com/79375734 Indie Fever is in the air and this year’s Slamdance is the film festival that could make a star our of the mesmeric Britt Harris. Her portrayal as Rachel in the must watch “Birds Of Neptune” will have plenty talking as she’s compelling throughout. Inviting us into the her uncoventional existence imprinted by a nostalgic past, we see the very fabric of Rachel and … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Britt Harris

Rising Starlet: Liz Fye

Enigmatic Goddess Liz Fye channels old world glamor and an aura of allure that’s a big turn-on. With her accommodating nature, she could well be every film fan’s Dream Girl. Like a movie star from the golden era, film is precisely the medium where her beauty so beguilingly stands out. She’s set to take your breath way playing the troubled vampire Koia in writer/director Adam … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Liz Fye