Rising Starlet: Rebecca Ocampo

As you read this, viewers would already have been treated to exotic temptation Rebecca Ocampo who makes an appearance on “Hawaii Five-0” in the episode “Kalele (Faith)”. She is touted to have a nice scene with Emmy Winner Ed Asner so when you get a chance don’t miss it! I’m ecstatic for her that she’s gaining prominence in TV Land but for for me personally, … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Rebecca Ocampo

Sexy Siren: Tracy Phillips

TRACY PHILLIPS is a striking agglomerate of risque sensuality and nostalgic radiance, a glamorpuss at the pinnacle of her feminine wiles. There’s an extroadinary woman! Those were the very words uttered when TRACY appeared in all her Belly Dancing glory from a scene in “Charlie Wilson’s War” where she beguiles leery eyes to further diplomatic ties. She followed that up with a tease of an … Continue reading Sexy Siren: Tracy Phillips