Elizabeth Frances

Native American actresses are steadily gaining their spot in the limelight with the magnetic Elizabeth Frances destined to hit the headlines. This week, she guest stars as the headstrong Lilly Rowan on the Gillian Jacobs comedy series “Love” which is in its 2nd Season. You wouldn’t one to mess with the feisty Lilly as she manhandles the eccentric Truman (Bobby Lee), a colleague of Gillian’s … Continue reading Elizabeth Frances

Indie Sweetheart: Danielle Baker

Indie horror is blessed with the most enticing talents and the ravishing Danielle Baker has the bewitching looks to She stars in “Oh, The Effing Horror” which is screening at the Northeast Film Festival – Horror Fest starting Dec 7th. As Luci Fuer, she’s on a camping date but with a killer on the loose, will the love fest be literally cut short? “Oh, The … Continue reading Indie Sweetheart: Danielle Baker