Blonde Bombshell: Jenny Shakeshaft

Exuding an instant sex appeal, Jenny Shakeshaft is expected to be on the list of desirable women in 2015. Some are born with a natural magnetism which Jenny is blessed with and this comely blonde is set for a wave of adulation. In the same way Elizabeth Banks tugs at your heartstrings, Jenny herself is palpably becoming an actress to pique avid interest especially this … Continue reading Blonde Bombshell: Jenny Shakeshaft

Foxy Femme: Hilary Greer HILARY GREER has a natural sensuality that will have viewers gravitating to her in a hurry. With her photogenic features that’s cameras love and accentuate, this is one raven-haired beauty with her fair share of admirers. If you’re the sort who is into M├Ądchen Amick then be besotted by the equally stunning HILARY who has her own set of alluring charms. In the anthology … Continue reading Foxy Femme: Hilary Greer