TV Vixens To Crave – Nov 4 2015


1. Kelly Deadmon in “The Affair”


– “The Affair” has become such an addiction with its depiction of its characters on an emotional whiplash and Kelly indeed gives Season 2 its most racy moments. It’s no surprise she’s sizzling up this blog and is deserving of praises right now!
– As we delve into Cole’s (Joshua Jackson) life, we learn he has been hooking up with Tory (Kelly), a foxy blonde who injects whimsical fun as the two heat up their liaison.
– Relatability is often the key for audiences to identify with the women onscreen and Kelly’s versatility has seen her taken on varying facades with enviable aplomb.

2. Rebecca McFarland in “Faking It”


– On and off camera, Rebecca exudes a foxy charm that has an illuminating appeal with her accents of sexiness sparkling so vividly.
– She plays Farrah, mom to the protagonist Amy on “Faking It” which had its Season 2 finale but don’t worry she’ll be back to add more of her Southern exuberance in the third season.
– Great to see Megan in scenes opposite Krysten Ritter whom we know will headline “Jessica Jones” in November. With her forte in comedy and her bubbly spontaneity, there’s every chance she could be a breakout funnywoman.

3. Glynis Davies in “Supernatural”


– Canadian actresses will always have a special place in my heart and Glynis does have a sparkling radiance that’s full of poise.
– She’s guest-starring as Mrs Kemper in this week’s episode of Supernatural entitled “Thin Lizzie” based on the notorious murders allegedly committed by Lizzie Borden.
– Glynis is expected to gain even more attention since she’s in the upcoming adventure film “Burn Your Maps” alongside Vera Farmiga.

4. Shanley Caswell in “NCIS: New Orleans”


– Shanley stars as Laurel Pride, the daughter of Scott Bakula’s Dwayne Pride in the New Orleans spinoff series of NCIS proving to be just as perceptive as her father.
– 4 years back, I had the privilege of interviewing Shanley and she was already on her way to be an enchanting star in her own right. Have a read here:
– Having also appeared on “The Conjuring”, she’s part of the new wave of delectable enticers in the genre of horror which includes Stefanie Scott (Insidious Chapter 3) and Maika Monroe (It Follows).

Indie Starlets To Crave @ Orlando Film Festival 2015 – Part 1


1. Leilani Wyatt in “Gloriana”


– The very luscious Leilani Wyatt gives us her most riveting performance yet as the first female army ranger in “Gloriana”.
– It’s a compelling short that delves into gender inequality in the army as her character is pulled into court after the death of her men and be blamed for it on account of her gender.
– She’s already in Orlando rocking the red carpet in some very sexy dresses so all the more reason to hail this spellbinding Aussie Actress.

2. Katelyn Pearce in “So Soha”

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– Katelyn stars as Jenna, the party girl with a warm nature in the award-winning web series “So Soha” proving that she’s magnetic even on the internet.
– Couch potatoes would have spotted Katelyn on the new series “Limitless” and there’s certainly no limitation when it comes to obsessing over this gorgeous brunette.
– She’s blessed with the drop-dead stunning curves and a vivaciousness that’s set to win her loads of admirers.

3. Constance Brenneman in “Night Eyes”


– Constance is one of the most watchable actresses in this generation and she remains one of the most beguiling faces to grace the screen.
– She’s thoroughly captivating in her movie “Night Eyes” as Linda Raines, a woman trying to free herself from an abusive relationship and begins to hear an intense voice!
– Constance also took on the mantle of Harley Quinn in “BatGirl Rises” and infused her version with a more human touch that’s beyond the bubbly psychosis we’ve familiar with.

4. Caroline Hebert in “Dead Saturday”


– Caroline has the unmistakable perpetual cuteness ala Ellen Page that’s going to get lovable reactions from many a viewer.
– She can be seen alongside Eric Roberts in “Dead Saturday”, a film about a religious loophole that could mean that we can still sin and ascend to the Heavens.
– Sometime in November, Caroline will be popping up on the sophomore season of NCIS: New Orleans so be sure to look out for this young star on the rise.

5. Alicia Fusting in “Route 30, Three”


– Alicia Fusting is both a blonde bombshell and a natural comedienne, her mesmeric appeal genuinely enticing and deserving of attention.
– In “Route 30 Three!”, she plays the busty Roxy Shatz who is quite the temptation and reminds us why she’s one of the sexiest indie actresses right now!
– With a name like Darlene Donkey in her upcoming feature called “Drugs & Other Love”, Alicia is keeping things mighty interesting and fascinating us is indeed her forte.

6. Kathy Searle in “The Bunny Hole”


– The ebullient Kathy is one of the coolest funny woman to tickle us pink and her perky disposition is truly infectious.
– Catch her as Sybil Quaker in “The Bunny Hole, one of the ladies of the night in a struggling brothel in Pahrump, Nevada that has shades of Reno 911!
– A whiz at essaying a range of quirky women, she’s the IT Girl of Cheeky humour that is making millions around the world laugh with gusto.

7. Christine Weatherup in “Bread And Butter”


– Her comely visage and those pretty blue eyes are certain to leave us engrossed with Christine who has established herself as a shining light of the indie genre.
– As the atypical romantic lead Amelia Karinsky in “Bread And Butter”, she was a delight for audiences, charmingly threading the uncertainty when a woman searches for true love.
– If you adore Sarah Paulson then be enraptured by Christine as she has a subtle grace that radiates so beautifully.