Blonde Bombshell: Paula Labaredas

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We have to say “Obrigado” (i.e. thanks) to Paula Labaredas for being such an embodiment of temptation. This Portuguese-born Pin-Up Girl is unmistakably a Sex Kitten and possessor of one of the hottest bodies gracing this planet. Many would be in unison, raving about how beguiling she can be yet Paula is always modest and accommodating to her fans. I love how she never fails to acknowledge the compliments I so often leave on her Facebook Page…she’s truly a looker on the red carpet. You might want to visit the Paula Labaredas Official Site as she has some risque shots that reveal her more bold, titillating side. While she can be friskily suggestive which is a huge tease for the eyes, Paula does have the innate ability to pull off expressively colorful poses. Not only is she a photog’s dream, that saccharine sweet voice of hers is a delight.

In the pipeline are four movies that will see this tasty performer become an all consuming passion. The POV-style “Neva’ Goin’ Back #7” has her starring as a pornstar set to fulfill all your voyeuristic desires…wow there’s even a crotch cam of her lapdancing! That’s before she spices up the comedy “Boy Toy” with a luscious group of hotties including Morgan Fairchild who is still quite the vixen. Then she switches to the critter-infested horror of “Camel Spiders” before segueing into the highly anticipated “Showgirls 2” and wicked drama “The Obsession”, both expected to be released in 2012. As a result of her earnest work ethic, vast success is right around the corner for the arresting stunner that is Paula Labaredas.