Scarlet Starlet: Danni Lang

With a sweetness to behold, DANNI LANG comes across as delightfully precious and a darling to be cherished. In another first on the Actress Obsession Blog and thanks to DANNI’s pleasant disposition, I’ve taken up her offer of titling this feature, hence her moniker “Scarlet Starlet”. In keeping with the Christmas spirit and since she sizzles in the color red, it’s fitting to have DANNI … Continue reading Scarlet Starlet: Danni Lang

Gorno Buzz: Actress In The News (August 2012)

Amanda Fuller Stars Alongside Tim Allen In Last Man Standing: Season 2 Casting News is always intensely covered and with Amanda Fuller joining sitcom “Last Man Standing” in Season 2, there will be a wave of adoring eyes trained on her. Fresh off her stint on “Grey’s Anatomy” and guesting on “Scandal”, Amanda takes over from Alexandra Krosney as the eldest daughter of Tim Allen’s … Continue reading Gorno Buzz: Actress In The News (August 2012)