Sizzling Cutie: Jenna Johnson

The spookiest week in October has arrived and what better than to showcase the beautiful faces who are a big part of some very eerie features. Let me introduce JENNA JOHNSON, leading lady of the supernatural short film “The Graveyard Shift” who will ostensibly inspire great affection. She fondly recalls “The Graveyard Shift” as her druggie debut and since it’s screening at the New Orleans … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Jenna Johnson

Euro Vixen: Nicole Marischka

After watching the actioner “Hanna” recently where there were numerous quips about Berlin and Leipzig, I felt compelled to spotlight Nicole Marischka, a starlet who herself resides in Berlin as well as Munich, Germany. Thanks to our inter-connected world, I get to enjoy arthouse dramas such as “Everybody Else” aka “Alle Anderen” which wouldn’t have happened a few years back. Getting in touch with one … Continue reading Euro Vixen: Nicole Marischka