Johanna McGinley

Celebrating blossoming talents is a privilege especially when one such as the the amiable Johanna McGinley has emerged so daintily on TV. She is recurring as the peaceful Annalivia Farrell in the second season of WGN America’s hit series “Outsiders”. Her unique role is one of reticent serenity as Annalivia has taken a vow of silence to honor her matriachal leader Lady Ray Farrell (Phyllis … Continue reading Johanna McGinley

Abbie Gayle

Adorable talents have a special place in our hearts so look out for the comely Abbie Gayle to wow us with her youthful verve. She stars in the gritty thriller “Arsenal” as Alexis, the niece of 2 brothers JP (Adrian Grenier) and Mikey (Johnathon Schaech) who is kidnapped by Nicolas Cage’s mustachioed crime lord with a bad hair day. John Cusack joins the star-studded cast … Continue reading Abbie Gayle